82602's Event Team Application

IGN and past IGN’s:
82602 Past IGNs include 82602IsBack, and some others found here.
How often can you host events:
Everyday. I am on at least 2 hours per day and can host whenever the community wants one. I know the specific times not to and when to host from being on the event team before.

What sets you apart from other applicants:
The biggest thing that sets me apart from other applicants is the fact that I already know how to host events, what rules and policies the team has and what commands/permissions event members have. I have also had my own server at one time, and hosted simple events such as spleef. I can also keep my cool in tough situations such as verbal arguments or fights. I also tend to resolve tense situations really well. Lastly, feelings, emotions, taunts, toxicity, or any of that stuff, even when directed at me, doesn’t phase me when I have a job to do. Especially one that requires trust of another person.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:
As I said in my last event application I made a long time ago, I have a little brother I have to constantly entertain. I could use this experience in the event team as I could think of my little brother as Munchy’s players. Also, from being on the event team for several months before, I can bring my knowledge of every single command, rule and policy back to the event team! I could also fill in for the ‘eventless’ periods of time when the server has no event members/staff online. At the end, an event member’s job is to spice up the KitPvP experience with some fun events.

Why do you want to be on the event team:
I want to be on the event team because I like doing things for other people. In other words, making others happy. In reality, it isn’t really easy to do this, and it is a skill I have developed from volunteering in many places irl such as food banks and homeless shelters. It takes a positive mindset and a good attitude to put others in a good mood. I was on the team before and I loved it; each and every day. Some of the things I liked about it was the fact that the event team is easy going and you get more opportunities to help/please others. The reason I wanted to join the team the first time, which was long ago, was a fellow named Clockyy. He gave me a valuable insight into the event team and what they did. I thought to myself that I could be a great addition to what he described.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):
From my time on this server, I have seen some pretty awesome acts of kindness from our very own event members. I have seen event members let a player ‘host’ an event such as water drop; they flipped the levers, said jump, ect. I have also seen the nearly all of the event team host when being asked and allowing players to be the slayer in RR. One thing I have personally asked for myself was for one of the current event members to build me a ‘golden toilet’ in the warzone. They got right to work on it and enjoyed doing it. Something I have personally done myself when I was event was create a small but hard parkour at the bottom of some events like four corners, to let the players that were hit off try to get a second chance.

Anything else you would like to add:
I was demoted from event about three months back for applying skits to skeppy after being warned about it in the past. I also told sadneo he would get accepted to the event team. I also trapped a hacker in a box, thus ruining the recording of a tmod.

Now time to explain why what I have done was unprofessional. I have applied skits to players outside the event world; especially skeppy, which does in fact show unprofessional behavior. I then chose to do it again after a kind warning. I also trapped a hacker in a box while a tmod was recording. This was a big deal because it isn’t my job to deal with hackers and I interrupted the tmod’s recording. I also told sadneo he would get accepted to the team. This was obviously not a good choice because it counted as leaking information from the private discord. After I told him, I immediately realized my mistake and attempted to go back on it. Note that I know what I have done and learned from my mistakes and I give you my word, no matter who you are. I will never do anything of the like again.

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You absolutely deserve this position, you were one of the best event team members and you learned from your mistakes!


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I appreciate the kind words :o

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You really deserve this position!!

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+1 event though you lost it it was a mistake we all make mistake gl


You learn from mistakes. You now learned not to do the things that you did in the past, and that’s what makes a person better.

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Very active and a very liked player in the community. Always very kind to any player that mentions him in chat. Good luck buddy! Big +1

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I actually already thought you had event rank. +1
Other things

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Hi 82, ill give u a BIG +1 because i really feel like you have learnt from the mistakes you made

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Even though I bowspam you in-game, you are actually a nice person. I thought you were pure evil at first xD. Thanks for your reply.

Thank you all for your kind words! :open_mouth:

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+1, Without a doubt he deserves his Event back. Anytime he’s given it during Bad’s stream to help he’s consistently shown nothing but help and trying to have fun. Despite his demotion from this a few months back, he’s learned and hasn’t stopped showing he understands what he’s done. Best of luck 82, You got this! :heart:


+1. Deserves it.

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I’m going to have to be 0 on this one you should really take the time to look at the formatting and questions you need to answer, you seem to be missing one "Why do you want to be on the event team:"

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Oh goodness Idk how I missed that. You pay great attention to detail xD

It’s a bug when you make a new topic it doesn’t put this question


Don’t know you too well, but from what I have heard about you and seen you have previous experience and are a good role model for Munchy. I think everyone deserves a second chance and you’ve proven that you’re capable of one. So, good luck :upside_down_face:

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+1 Very active on the server and one of the nicest people I’ve come across on munchy. Deserves a second chance to have even more fun with the community. Good luck 82!!


Application accepted. Contact me via discord to set up a time for your interview.



Congratulations 82! I knew you would do it this whole time. :smiley: