262ms's Event Application [2]

IGN and past IGN’s : 262ms, (past IGN(s) https://namemc.com/profile/262ms.2

TimeZone: GMT+10

How often can you host events :

As I still attend school i will most likely be on Munchy from the time I get home to the time I go to bed, depending on if I’m doing anything with my Friends / Family. I normally get home around 3:00pm and go to bed around 11:40+pm. So I’ll be able to host events during that time. When I’m on the server I will make sure to ask the community on which Events they would like hosted, as I want everyone to enjoy what mini-game they’re playing at the time being.

Monday - Tuesday: 2:00pm - 11:30pm

Wednesday - Friday: 2:30pm - 12:15pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10:00am - 1:00am

(Depends if I’m doing anything with Family / Friends).

What sets you apart from other applicants :

One of the things I believe sets me apart from the other applicants is that I try to
help anyone / everyone no matter what rank / tag i own. I get a lot of enjoyment out of successfully helping someone that is in need of help.*

I’ve applied for this position as I’ve always wanted to help out the community in every way possible. For Example: hosting events that the community would like to be hosted.

Although most of the Applicants that are applying have very similar skill as me I believe I am the right person for the position as I am on MunchyMc for the majority of my day, I am more active than most people that play MunchyMC, so I would be able to host events whenever people would like. I always make sure that every player is enjoying their stay on MunchyMc, therefore I would make sure to host an event that everyone would enjoy and make sure no mistakes happen whilst hosting the event for a better experience. I would love to get to know everyone that participates in the events that I’m hosting and teach them how to play if they don’t already know how to do so. I try to get along with everyone that plays the MunchyMC network (community / staff) , (Most people I do get along with!) but some people do dislike me as I wasn’t very ‘mature’ back then, Although I would love to make things right with those people if I haven’t done so already.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

While being an event member I would make sure that everyone enjoys playing the event I’m hosting at that time being and the server in general, I’ll ask chat which event they want (Not just what I want hosted or what my friends want hosted) hosted and I will host the event more requested, Although I would make sure to host another Event afterwards as not everyone likes the same events (people have different tastes). I would also love to help create events for the community. As some events get hosted more often than others, I don’t want people to not enjoy the event that I host because it’s been hosted too often. I would be more than happy to create an event that the Munchy community would love to play / see in the future to come. Although most people play the events for fun, some players would like some competition for a prize, therefore I would give away 1-3 days of Elite to winner of the Event. (I would be able to host 2-4 (Or more) events per day. As Automatic events get hosted more than Manuel events, I would make sure no event is currently being hosted at that time, if there Is I would make sure to wait until the Event has ended so everyone interested can join the Event.

As being an Event member you get certain commands that not any regular player would receive, As I have been playing Munchy for a while now I know most of the commands that the Event Team get.

These are some of the Commands I am familiar with:

/togglepvp - Allows you to toggle pvp in the event world

/togglehunger- allows you to disable hunger in the event world

/eventtpall - Whilst the Event is beginning to start /eventtpall will send a tp request to all the players on the server (kitpvp), which allows the Players that want to participate in the Event to join using the command /confirm.

/eventban - Allows you to Ban a certain player in the Event due to Constantly Breaking rules which they’ve been Warned for before.

/eventunban - Allows you to Unban a certain player that was banned from an event.

/eventkick - Allows you to kick a certain player for Glitching / Not Following the rules given.

/broadcast - This command allows you to Broadcast a message which will stand out In chat, You use this when you’re hosting an event / announcing the rules (winner of the event hosted).

/eventbanlist - This command allows you to see the players banned from joining Events.

/skit apply - Allows you to give an existing skit to the participants (in the event world) - yourself - or one individual for example: Slayer (RR)

/skit create - Allows you to Creates a skit using the Items in your inventory (Including effects).

/eeffect - This Command Allows you to give One individul (Multiple People) Effects in the event being Hosted. *

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.) :

RedBloomingRose - Red joins every night and is kind enough to host 2-3 events suggested from the community.

EsioTrot - Esio has a very kind heart, as water drop was banned and he hosted it, he occasionally asks players, which events they would want hosted.

Gawkyy - Gawky occasionally asks chat which events they want hosted and never seems to let them down.

Errxr - Although I don’t speak to Errxr much (at all…) I have been online when he was hosting events, Errxr sometimes puts a bit of a twist on the Mini-game being hosted, and makes it even more enjoyable.

TheBoop - Boop hosts events that are rarely hosted, for example: Hide n Seek… Barley anyone knew it was even an event.

Anything else you would like to add :

I wish everyone other applicants the best of luck!


+1. You have shown amazing maturity since you were last denied, you’ve took the critics and turned them into something positive, you’re not really as toxic as you’ve shown yourself before. I personally think you’re ready to start hosting events for the server. Best of luck 262 :heart:

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Thank so much Gawky, Means a lot :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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Your really active, mature and kind. You deserve event this time around.

Best of luck!

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Thanks Rainfalls ! :smiley:

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+1 active nice and a :clown_face:
I would love seeing you as an event member.


+0 big noob


Nice and active person. I think you would be a great event host.


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Deserve to be on the event team


Thank you!!! :heart:

much appreciated :heart:

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Thank you so much :smile:


+1 Great person and great application :smiley:

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Thank you, good luck on your application too!

Just a tip: try responding to everyone in 1 message and not flood it like that.


Okie, will do! Thanks.

+1 from New Zealand

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HAHAHAHAHAH thank you!

+1, 262ms has drastically improved his maturity which is definitely noticeable ingame. More bonus points go to his activity and great application!

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