How To Play
In this last man standing gamemode, you will be teleported into one of our outstanding and insane Sky Wars maps. Gather chests across the plethora of islands on the map to last a chance against your fellow opponents.

Unique Features
We have many different features to our Sky Wars that makes us unique from other servers. Let us name a few.
  • Feast - About 10 minutes in, the feast will spawn somewhere across map. Go to the coordinates posted in chat to find some awesome loot!
  • Double Jump - You start the game with invisible anti-gravity boots. Just by double clicking the space bar, you will get a jump boost. Remember though, it has a cooldown! While they are charging, you are prone to fall damage. If they are not charging, you will not take fall damage
  • Totems - Earning totems is easy! You can level up by getting kills and winning games.
  • Falling Melons - In order to keep the games from going to long, we implemented melons that fall from the sky that explode into massive proportions! Beware!
There is a wide selection of different kits available to play as. Choose one of the free kits in our Kit Selector or purchase them in the link below!

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