What is Raid?
Raid is a gamemode in which you attempt to 'raid' other players on the server. You enter a free-world, create a base, and attempt to not have your base found.
If your base is raided, sadly you will lose anything that they took from it.
On the other hand, if you raid someone, you will keep anything that you took from them!
Our raid has managed to take a lot of the favorite things from old time raid servers like McPvP, and combine them with newer features from games like HCF.
What is different about your raid?
* Singular Claims
Every person can claim one piece of land using the command /claim. It will create a 'core' (beacon), wherever you ran the command, if you can create a base there.
This is different than the traditional team claiming, or no claiming.
* Base Editing
You can edit your base, allowing certain players to build, break, warp, and more.
* Gold Raiding
You can deposit gold into your base through the base menu. The more gold you have deposited into your base, the harder it is for you to be raided. No one can see how much gold is in your base except you.
If someone finds your base and attempts to raid you with /raid, it will require them to wager an amount of gold. If they wager less than your base has, they will lose that gold, and your base will absorb it, becoming even more powerful! However, if they wager enough, your core will be broken, and they will get some gold back.
If you die, you lose a small percent of your base gold (2% for regular, 1.5% for vip, 1% for pro), and you also lose a life (see below).
* Events
There will be different events that take place near the spawn, like a supply drop that will drop down gold or other useful items, a koth that can reward ranks/items, and much more!
* Vehicles
There will be multiple different types of vehicles that all operate differently. The intention of vehicles is to speed up travel, or other common practices like mining. As an example, a boat can hover on land, as long as you have coal in your inventory.
* Lives
When you join the server, you start with 5 lives. You can use these lives to upgrade your base, or save them in case you die. If you lose/use all of your lives, you will not be able to leave the 'purgatory' world until you earn enough to buy a life.
* Purgatory World
The purgatory is the world you will see when you first join. It is a hell world that has mines and PvP zones. If you die in these PvP zones, you will not lose a life. That means people can have PvP battles here without worrying about a world ban. When you mine, you will get life nuggets (the purgatory world currency). You can exchange these life nuggets for lives, in order to get out of the world.

What features did you keep!?!?

* Player Market
There are no set prices on items. Players can sell items with /sell, and buy items with /buy. If no one is currently selling an item they are trying to buy, they will not be able to buy it. This works the same way as the old mcpvp market, and is a great way to let Players dictate the price of items.
* Teams
You can create a team, let people join your team, create a team warp, and everything else you could want to do with teams! There will be events that teams can participate in, and your team tag will show up in chat.
* Warps
You can create a warp using /warp set <name> and you will always be able to warp back to that location. You have up to 5 warps (not including your home, and team warp), and can buy more in the store! These are great for traveling the map and keeping track of your bases.
* Tracker
Tracking! You can track players using /track. The tracking system does not work exactly the same as the one as mcpvp did, but it is much more advanced! You can narrow a player on a mini map that you create. A tracking tutorial video will be posted on youtube very soon, and a tutorial post!
- The map border is 10k by 10k
- Smelting is 4x faster than usual
- You can salvage items by putting an ore block above a furnace
- The nether is enabled, but the end is disabled.

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