Zombie Villager transformation bug

So in this clip, the zombie is supposed to kill the villager and replace it with a zombie villager or “transform” him. instead, what happeneds is the zombie kills the villager and no zombie villager appeared


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t always transform them so have a look next time you see a zombie attacking a villager!

As Shadow stated, its not something that happens 100% of the time, on our server anyway, that is in Normal mode.


Hope this helps!


I tried it multiple times (about 6-7 already and it’s getting frustrating) And I don’t think I would be that unlucky, but I would try it again, and if nothing occurs I will post this thread again. Thanks for the fast reply!

instant reply

If that is the case then maybe the server is set to Easy mode! I’ll get in contact with the dev and find out for you.

Okay, confirmed that the server is on Easy mode, so you won’t actually be able to do this at all!!

Locking post as question answered, DM me if you have anything else on the topic you want to ask @MagicHappened