Woolwars bugs

Woolwars bugs

  • Kills… there is no way i have 2x as many wins as i have kills. do kills not register if you knock an opponent off the map? all my games are 2-6 kill wins
  • Kills don’t seem to give tokens, your kill is not registered if you knock the opponent off the map. if kills do give tokens and I’m not aware, make a chat notification that tells you that you have earned tokens
  • Several maps will often hollow out and can be stood inside using wool ex. Dreamscape Mineshaft Nether fortress (that racecar map thingy)
  • The map dreamscape’s ice melts into water
  • the map room has a bookshelf made of lots of valuables, the diamond blocks are mineable
  • If an opponent is killed within ~10s of grace ending, they do not drop items
  • Some maps can be glitched out of with an ender pearl
    Note the diamonds in my inventory and the full armor bar
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mining diamond blocks is strategy.

Most of these are know bugs that are currently being worked on by our woolwars developer Fumaz.

Will forward the diamond block one since it is mainly a map error, thanks for reporting the bugs!

Enchanted gapples are also possible in this map