Wool Wars Sandstone Bug

Hello everyone! It’s me, PlazmaKG, and I’m here to report two bugs. One is major, the other one is minor. The major bug has to due with how the sandstone rises on some maps. On some maps, some weird holes are created in the sandstone, like this:

In these holes, people can land there with wool, and wait for the sandstone to rise around them without dying. Eventually, it becomes impossible for anyone to get to the person in the hole, hence handing the win of the game to the person sitting in the hole. I noticed this when I accidentally fell into a deep on with my alt account, Blossoma, and didn’t have any blocks to get out, and ended up winning the game unfairly. I’d advise this to be fixed as soon as possible.

The other bug I’d like to report is a minor one, with maps with Ice blocks that melt. This isn’t necessarily game breaking in the way, but is something that should still get fixed, the the fix for it is actually quite simple, just change it to a snow like biome so the ice doesn’t melt.

Just thought I’d get that out there! :slight_smile:

Ye, I have noticed the ice melting even before the game begans (most of the time) I don’t know about the other one too much but it seems like it can be abused to insta-win if you know where it is.
Though i can’t do anything about this thank you for reporting i’m sure staff will look into this within the next few days xd

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edited spell check lul :stuck_out_tongue:

The water was the minor problem. the sandstone holes are the actual game breaking issue here. I created this topic with the hope that some Staff/Admin sees it so the problem gets fixed ASAP. Hopefully one of them see it, since there is always gonna be that person, who’s gonna constantally abuse bugs to win games, etc. xD

To be honest the water thing is also a major bug since if you know how to use it in your advantage, it gives you a huge headstart over others.

These bugs are known