WestVirginia's Event Team Application

IGN: WestVirginia

Age: 19

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

How often can you host events:

Depending on the day I can probably host 2-4 times within my given time, here’s my availability:

Monday (12am - 3am, 11am - 1pm)
Tuesday (12am - 3am, 11am - 3pm)
Wednesday - Friday (8am - 5pm)
Saturday & Sunday (12am - 3am, 12pm - 3:30pm)

My schedule is decently flexible and subject to change as my school and work semesters start and end. I’m usually more active during the night so I would be interacting with players more around that time.

What sets you apart from other applicants:

Whether this is relevant or not, I believe it’s worth mentioning: I have been a staff member on multiple servers in the past where each had a set number of building permissions that I had access to. One in particular allowed me to create and host events using world edit and simple vanilla commands. I believe I can use some of the skills I learned from back then to enhance my effectivity as an event team member. Past experience aside, I believe I am a quick learner that’s willing to put the effort into being a capable candidate for this role. I have a solid understanding of the game and what most people would want in certain events and as cliche as it sounds, I’m overall a friendly and positive guy that enjoys helping people that are in need of it.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

I personally haven’t had any experience or familiarity with how events are run behind the scenes on Munchy but I have manually created events by myself on a few servers I used to staff on. Most of the events I hosted were brackets or koths within a prebuilt arena I created before the scheduled time of the event(s). I’m confident that I can use my building skills and put forth a better event experience here with the tools I’m provided. I enjoy helping others and answering questions they may have in general or about the event itself. With that being said, I hope I can implement more variety in manual events along with community requests to make the events more enjoyable to play. I’m also a relatively old player from this community and I’m hoping I can bring back a few memories that I can remember from back in 2015.

Like I mentioned before, I have very limited knowledge of how the event system works so I only know a few basic commands:

/event (Pulls up the event selection menu)
/event join (Allows you to join an active event)
/event ban (Bans a player for joining an active event)
/event unban (Unbans a player from joining an active event)
/broadcast (Displays a message in chat that is easier for players to see)

Why do you want to be on the event team:

I think it would be a great learning experience to learn new commands that I haven’t been exposed to before. Everyone has to start somewhere and I hope that I can start my experience here on a server I’ve been playing on for quite a while. This’ll also help me connect a little more with the community in a different way from just being a player.

Another reason why I want to join the event team would be to mix things up with how I play minecraft. I enjoy the general aspect of competing and pvping against other players but it eventually gets repetitive and I think joining the team would help introduce a different aspect to minecraft I haven’t had in a while. Building and creating events seems like a lot of fun and I hope combining these two things will make minecraft more enjoyable to play as a whole. You can be as creative as you want on deciding what event you want to create or what ideas you would like to introduce to eventually become an event in the future. Variety is everything to me and having a wide variety of events and builds along with fun competition is what makes most games fun to play.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E., Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

A lot of the event members were very nice when I asked them about some details of how the event team works and what exactly they do.

  1. 262ms: Very nice before I even asked for any help at all. We played a few duels and gave me some advice on which key binds that are easier to hit for my 7, 8, and 9 keys. They also gave me a few tips on what I should include in my app based on my knowledge of the rank.
  2. shockings: Helped me with a few questions I had about the role as well, including some of the perms and what they have and don’t have access to.
  3. Baptised: Hosted a rr upon request multiple times

Anything else you would like to add:

Thank you for spending the time to read my app, any tips or comments on improving what I have so far would be great! I’ll try to reply to each comment with the time I have.


Hey! You are fairly new to the server and it’s community. Personally, I’ve only seen you on once ever! I recommend becoming more known amongst the community before applying.

I wish you the best of luck! !

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You have a great application, but I have never seen you on Kit. I would recoomend that you get more known to the community.

Fairly active, but I haven’t seen you be active for the last month, only the last week or so. Probably capable of the role but activity is a big key to becoming an event member.

Honestly, a good application, The only problem is your activity. I have only seen you one once, and I really haven’t talked to you so I can’t determine if your mature or toxic. I think you should be more active, but for now I will be giving you a 0.5 Good luck!

I’ve never seen you before, but then again I don’t play KitPVP that much. Your application is very neat, organized, and detailed. The only thing to work on would be your activity. From what others are saying, you aren’t that active in Kit. Try and get more involved in the community! +0.5 from me.

Hey Banana, I’m usually on later in the day since that’s when I get most of my work done. I’ve been playing for quite a while, I’ve just been on and off because of computer and internet issues. I recently invested in a new pc so I should be fine for quite a while.

hey @WestVirginia!
My opinion it’s going to be a +0.8

You’re an active and good person, seems mature and not toxic at all. Anyways, even though you have a good activity, I didn’t see you before (Not sure if you’re studying or else) But I would recommend to get more involved in the community, which I can see you already do! So good luck! =)

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@Trools @MinyWasTaken @DrakeOfStars @parallistic @SierAlex

Thanks for your criticism, I am working more on my activity this last week to be more involved. I also wasn’t sure when the event applications close so I thought I’d still submit my app just in case so I can get some new information and possibly use it for my next one if I get denied. Thanks for spending your time to leave a comment though.


0.5 , for the following reasons:

  • Mature
  • Experience with event hosting
  • Good app , I can tell u had put effort into it
  • Althought u are a very good applicant , I think u should get a bit more involved with the community and thats why it’s not a +1 for me.
    I wish you the best of luck on your app , @WestVirginia :smiley: !

Application denied. Unfortunately, we do not feel like you meet the activity requirements for an event team member position at this time.