Western Airtemple woolwars map V1

Hello there! So a new map also submitted to the woolwars media competion but it isnt super playable yet because there is some very open space on the bottom also havent added chests yet. so my question to you; Thoughts and improvements. Just point it out, all constructive criticism is welcome. xD

Technical information

Map name: Western Airtemple
max players: 24
Waiting spawn location: Light gray carpet inside the building with the fountain
Game spawn location White carpets on the fog all the way down below
Center X and Z: 0,0
Lowest Y: 37
HeightLimit: from 37 to 153
Parkour block: red sandstone

Onto the build

Epic timelapse and cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y2iMGW3w-o

Screenshots (but watch epic timelapse anyway :smiley: )

World File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1frxunp2DnU561DjIBi6dMykqB1KBoYk4/view?usp=sharing


So far it looks really good! You hit the head on the nail about the very open bottom and it not being a feasible woolwars map yet because of it, but I think you’re headed in the right direction. You could attempt to add clouds to break up the monotony, because the clouds were hanging out below the air temple in the show.


That would make it more interesting true it’s very plain right now. Thank you Ill experiment with clouds. :smiley:

Have a damn good day!

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That’s really epic, if I had one suggestion it would be same thing feather said and maybe some different blocks mixed into the walls


Will do thank you for the feeback. So long!

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I love the airship designs you have they look really cool!


Thank you so much :heartbeat: