The Helper Role - What is it?

Munchy reintroduced its Helper role a few months back. We’ve had several questions from our community enquiring about this role. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, feel free to post them below and one of our amazing Helpers, Forum Mods, In-Game Mods or community members will be able to assist you.


Helper Role

  • Answer general MunchyMC questions the community may have
    – Munchy rules and behaviour expectations
    – General game help (kits, ultras, mini-games, etc.)
    – Where to create support tickets/hacker reports
    – Where to find staff applications or team applications
    – Who to go to for extra assistance
  • Mute players for up to 1 hour based on inappropriate or toxic behaviour
  • Inform higher ups (JMods/Mods/SMods/Admins) of ongoing problematic player behaviour

What the Helper Role is NOT

  • Helpers do not have perms to ban hackers
  • Helpers do not have perms to mute for longer than 1 hour
  • The Helper role is not necessarily a stepping stone to JMod, although in some cases may serve to provide needed experience for applicants to the JMod role

How to become a Helper

Helpers are hand-selected by the MunchyMC Admins, as there is no application process. Helpers are selected based on:

  • Activity and helpfulness in-game, the forums, and to some extent the TS and Discord
  • Behaviour on MunchyMC platforms (friendliness, positive attitude, non-toxic, non-confrontational)

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first second reply because i’m so active on the forums cough cough

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Nice post :smiley: I appreciate the guide. I have a question though, why only up to an hour?

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Not sure why im not helper yet

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Awesome post Thunder! :blush:

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Thanks for this post!

However, what’s the point of being a Helper if it doesn’t (in most cases) precede JMod? Sounds like being hard-stuck in a Helper role would be frustrating.


Personally Helper Prepared me for alot of situations a JMOD will face :smiley:


Helper was designed specifically as a much “lighter” role than JMod and up. We wanted to keep the responsibilities to a minimum to allow more of the community a chance to become involved and reward those players who are demonstrating excellent behavior and assistance to others. As a result, Helpers only really need minimal perms such as the perms to mute for a short time @MacaroniGrill with the understanding that if an offending player needs a longer mute, a mod can step in. To address your comment @Dishrespect, yes, it might be frustrating for a player to be hard-stuck at helper; however, some people are more suited to the Helper role than to the Mod role.


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Great post thunder! As an ex helper I can say it gives great experience to further the users abilities!


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Cool, this would help alot of players have a better experience on the server

thanks for reviving a dead thread

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