SuperTubbis's Media application

Number of subs:
443 subscribers

Average number of views per vid:

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers:
I have been uploading Minecraft content for 1 year and I have made 1 video on munchy mc

Servers for which you have created content:
Hypixel, MunchyMC

What do you feel would make you a good candidate for Media on MunchyMC?
I feel that I’m a good candidate because: I make family-friendly content for my views. I love to make videos and I feel that if I had the “Media” role on MunchyMC i would make more videos on one of my personal favorite servers: MunchyMC

Question: Is the application long enough?

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Hey @SuperTubbis

From what I have seen you don’t have any munchy content on your channel, I reccomend working on making some before applying. You also don’t meet the minimum requirements for media. I would look at accepted #applications:media and see what they have.

Regardless good luck and have a good day/night!

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Hi. Good application.
I see a few flaws here though. The amount of subscribers you need for the media rank is 1500. You also need more munchymc videos for a chance to get the rank. Also, the application lacks detail.
Though im not a moderator, from my experience this isn’t enough for the rank.
good luck. -talouspaperi63

Heya SuperTubbis!

Application Denied. At the moment we don’t feel you meet the requirements to join the media team.

Please wait 1 month before applying.

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