/smelt and farming till removal

Hello forums! I was wonder if anyone else feels like ++ people should be able to /smelt sand? I find it is a hassle to be able to /smelt food all the way to cobblestone but not sand! Some ++ users, for example, someone was asking for an abundance of glass yesterday (11/7) and not even other ++ people could quickly get it for him! But if we could /smelt sand, all we would of had to do was go get sand and skip the whole 10mins 40seconds smelting time (per stack). Which is what /smelt is suppose to do.

The second thing i found just a tad bit of an annoyance is when jumping on crops, it glitches you and makes you stay on the block for a second which is very annoying. I have tested this with other people like VSCOGIRLHAL0 and Ibby_. They both experience the small lag back. I understand that this bug is small, but it ahs been a thing since before reset. Also imagine stomping out a whole field of till and being lagged back every single block. So it is very inconvenient when moving crops. I understand if it does not get fixed due to it being so small, but it would make farming a bit more fun. :slight_smile:

/smelt sand has been applied, or will be next restart of the server :slight_smile: