Skeptacularcos's build team application

Hi! Can i apply to MunchyMc build team? I am very talented in building i have built on my own server, cheat pixel and have won a couple building competitions! I think getting me as a builder would be a hood addition to the team as I can build very precise and can improve current builds if you want! I can do many many more too! For a example(e.g.) for my builds here are some of my favourite!:
![Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 17.24.32|690x431](upload://gc9n


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I can also see if people hacked my specialities are: reach, regen, autoclicker and click tp!

My discord name is DontJudgeMeTogo#3913 and my timezone is in japan!

Please consider getting me as a builder!

Hi, please use the apply format to apply. You can find the format here if you scroll down a bit: MunchyMC Build Team Recruitment (2020) [Open]

@MyBee hi yes How do i open a build team application?

Click the orange plus on the bottom right of your screen, and copy+paste the format there :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, you need to follow the correct application format to apply for the rank. Make sure that you have a portfolio or any background experience to show, and also a good organization.

I will close this application and you will have to create another one on the same category.

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