Skeppy and BBH's Fanboys getting out of hand

It’s nice to see BBH and Skeppy grow on social media. It’s also nice that people comes on to play on here. But with all of these people joining up on the server during BBHs livestreams. It’s literally unplayable in the casual warp or in the arena warp in kitpvp during the events. Also the chat is flooded by players saying stuff like this; or

. So for those who isn’t participating in the event gets a nice 150+ms and a chat flooded with people tuned into the stream. “Deal with it, it’s a famous server”. Yea a server that obv can’t handle more people than 250+. What i wanted to say is that skeppy and bbh fanboys needs to take a step down on the ladder and take it chill, that way everyone will have a better experience.

Munchy Family-Friendly Censoring™ courtesy of Dishrespect :smile:


BBH streams = lag

More players = more lag

I hate skeppy fans. But the true BBH fans, I love. Skeppy’s fanbase is very immature do to his immature content. BBH’s vids cater to a more mature group. So if you see a BBH fan saying 14 or poop server, they are an imposter :open_mouth:

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I agree that at we should do something about skeppys annoying fandom like maybe temp-ban people who have more then 2 warnings. Just until Bads stream is over also Bads stream titles for example. “No skeppy allowed” I mean come on you might as well say hey skeppy come on my server and grief it. Or no memes allowed for real dude if bad ever wants a normal stream he needs to take some serious steps to insure a normal stream. P.S. if there is any bad grammar sorry…I actually don’t care.

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“BBH’s vids cater to a more mature group” no they don’t what do you mean

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Ok, now this is epic. :sunglasses:

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Yes very epic.

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I haven’t actually seen any to bad Skeepy or BBH fanboys on prison. I think because most of the events, streams and competitions either happen on an event server or on KitPVP I haven’t been able to see them. The one thing that is good about being really bad at pvp but still wanting to play on a server. Even though I have heard that that sadly will change next season.

Hey Qusax how are you :smiley:

I’m good hbu?

Im find thanks for asking :joy:

That’s why I don’t join during live streams