Realyak7564's Staff Team application

Prerequisite checklist

  • Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes, I have been playing on MunchyMC since the start of 2021 and I am very active on Munchy.

  • Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I use GeForce Experience
    to record hackers

  • Do you have TeamSpeak3 and Discord downloaded and are competent with them?: No, I do not have Discord or TeamSpeak.

IGN: realyak7564

Age: Rather not say

Timezone: GMT-5

Can you use a microphone for an interview?: No i don’t use my mic, i don’t feel comfortable using my real voice

Role you are interested in (Helper or JMod):** I would like to apply for the Staff Team rank.

Server you are interested in moderating (pick ONE): KitPvP

How active can you be per week? I’m on KitPvP almost every day for around 2-3 hours, on weekdays. I can get on from 7:30 AM - 5 PM EDT, on weekends.

Do you have any punishments on our network? If so, please describe your side of the story: No

Have you applied for this role before? If so, please explain the steps you have taken to improve as an applicant since your last application: No

What do you think your reputation is like within the community? I think my reputation pretty normal

Why are you interested in the role and what motivated you to apply? I was motivated to apply because I wanted to help with the community, and myself motivated me to apply.

how would you rate your knowledge on moderating a community? I would rate myself a 7 on this one, I have learned how to properly moderate a community and I think I can perform well in this category.

what would you rate your knowledge on Minecraft hacks and cheats, including finding and identifying cheaters?
fly: allows you to fly.
speed: makes you go faster.
highhump: makes you jump higher.
scaffold: places blocks beneath your feet.
spammer: spammes the chat.
xray: shows all ores around you.
ghostHand - allows the user to access chests through walls and players.
killaura: attacks players around the player.
esp: reveals chests around you.
nofall: disable’s fall damage.
autoclicker: clicks automatically.

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Staff applications are currently closed but you can find information on the application process here for when they reopen in a couple months.

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how do i apply

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Staff applications are currently closed.