Prisons- Not being able to access my cell

Hey all so I own secret99 (main) and biggest1 (on a alt) and I recently prestige to prestige 6. For all that don’t know prisons secret99 is the biggest secret cell and is combined with biggest1. Do to my recent prestige I can’t access my cell due to not ranking up to A. Yes I can just get the money but all my stuff is in the cell so I can’t have access to anything that produces income or anything I can auction. I think I understand why it won’t let be because its right above all 4 mines thus the force field is preventing me. If there is anything you can do to fix it for the next time I can prestige that will be vary appreciated.

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Can you not tp to your cell either? Or is it only the second cell, owned by your alt, that’s causing issues?

I can tp to my regular A cells without a problem but my secret ones no