Prison reset announcement!


Prison Map 2

Hey guys! The time has finally come! Prison is going to be resetting!

What comes with the reset?

  • Completely new rares!
  • Completely new maps!
  • New Zombies!
  • New Events!
  • Bugs fixed!

After Prison resets, you will be put back into the starter rank, your stats will be reset, inventory cleared, and anyone that was banned BEFORE today, will be unbanned. The theme for the new rares is Star Wars, and there is a new outside world and inside prison map. Check out the pictures below for a small sneak peak!

Now time for the info you’ve been waiting for! The prison reset time and date. Sometime on Wednesday November 9th, the Prison server will shut down. Testing will start then, but the release will be a few days later, at
#6PM EST on Friday November 11th

Make sure to come back then! You have a big advantage if you’re online at the time of release. Hope to see you there!

Will bans be reset on prison?

WOOOO this is so sick


I will definitely play in the new reset!


New map looks hot


for every 30$ donation you can take a pre look on the map :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a joke btw, if anyone was planning to do it cough pm cough!!!


YAY!!! :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to play. :smiley:


I’m soooo ready :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also thanks to everyone who made this reset possible! :relaxed:


(:wink: ayeeeeee


if you bought a lifetime rank will that tranfer over?


ayyy it looks nice, thanks for all the hard work on the server


Purchased ranks will transfer over.


yay! (5) ----


Just 1 hour before my tournament, perfect


Lol, the reset is right after my basketball tryout so for me perfect lol (no sarcasm)




Maybe I’ll play this map.


I may do a series on prison this time. What do you people think?


I just realised is it 6am or 6pm?


It is 6PM