Plazma's WoolWars Kit Suggestions

I have a ton of suggestions of ways to balance kits, and as such, this is going to be a very long post, because I have tons of ideas. I’m going to make a list of all the kits, and list bugs with them that I’ve noticed, but also some changes they could go through to either nerd or buff them, depending on what said kit needs.

DISCLAIMER: Abusing bugs to your benefit is against the rules and is a bannable offense. You’ve been warned. I’m only mentioning them here to give a nice overview on what needs fixed.
DISCLAIMER: My suggestions, and why I think each kit is balanced/overpowered/underpowered is purely my opinion.

Vast Kit
This kit is overpowered because it goes up too fast,takes 0 knockback while its ability is active and is going up, and makes it extremely easy to escape dangerous situations.

Bug: The possibility of using the kits ability to place blocks above the height limit.

Suggestion: If someone with a vast kit gets hit with anything (snowball, sword etc,) stun the kits ability right before Minecraft would try to register knockback that way they can still take knockback.

Suggestion: Increase the kit cool down if it’s use going up. Increase it enough so it’s as fast as Bouncy kit.
Suggestion: Decrease the amount of blocks up vast goes up, enough so it’s as fast as Bouncy kit.

Glider Kit
This kit is overpowered because it’s too fast, takes 0 damage unless it goes too far, and makes it extremely easy to escape dangerous situations

Suggestion: Remove the speed. The speed is a huge problem with glider, and a very simple one to solve.

Suggestion: Add “Incremental damage”. What i mean by this is glider would be able to glide down 5 blocks without taking damage, but beyond that, it’d start taking some damage (half a heart each extra block down).
Camel Kit
This kit is overpowered because you can just stay down by the sandstone, where you are extremely hard to get to without touching the sandstone themselves.

Bug: I think this a bug, but sometimes items aren’t destroyed when they touch the sandstone, allowing camels to obtain them either by touching the sandstone for a second, or using carpets. (This is a general bug, but is generally only relevant for Camel kit)

Bug: If you time placing a carpet on the sandstone just right, you can actually dig a hole into the sandstone, then let the sandstone stack over you.

Bug: Chests can not open when they’re right on top of the sandstone. (This is a general bug, but is generally only relevant for Camel kit)

Suggestion: Instead getting a wither effect when you touch the sandstone, you would instead have a number of Chances to fall into the sandstone. If we say 2-3 chances, people would be able to fall into the sandstone, without fall damage, or dying, 2-3 times. But after the last chance, they’d die instantly. They’d have 5 seconds to get off of the sandstone after touching it before consuming another chance.
Knitter Kit
This kit is balanced kit, other than the first 10 seconds of the game where a knitter can just sit at the bottom, and troll someone until they touch the sandstone.

Suggestion: Disable the kit’s ability for the 10 second grace period.

Suggestion: Add the ability for Knitter kit to instantly remove carpets too.
Bouncy Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.
Ninja Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.

Bug: The possibility of using the kits ability to place blocks above the height limit by block glitching (Which is not allowed), and then quickly using the item.

Bug: Sometimes, you lag into a block when you use your ability (lagging into blocks is general issue, but it happens way more often to Ninja kit users)
Archer Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.
Healer Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.

Bug: When you eat a Golden Apple, it takes away your permanent regen.
Anvil Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.
Teleporter Kit
I find this kit to be balanced.

Bug: Pearls fail to work when they land on a slab (This is relevant for anyone who gets a pearl, but mostly happens to Teleporter kit users)
Feather Kit
This kit is very close to being balanced.

Suggestion: Instead of taking 3 hearts max, make it take 2 hearts (similar to using a pearl with Teleporter kit)
Spiderman Kit
This kit is almost balanced.

Suggestion: I feel a good ability for this kit would be to walk through cobwebs at normal speed (like a spider).
Speedster Kit
I feel that this kit is slightly underpowered one.

Suggestion: Add a damage dodge effect that someone can apply every 2 minutes (lasts 15 seconds). This effect would give a %15 chance to “dodge” someone’s attack.
Tinker Kit
This kit is a very fun kit to play with, though it’s a bit underpowred, especially in comparison to Archer kit.

Slight Issue: The fireworks that the Tinker kit effect uses tends to lag people out who have crappy computers. I suggest using less and or different particles for Tinker kit to eliminate this issue.

Suggestion: Half the cool down time. The kit doesn’t do nearly enough damage to warrant a super long cool down.
Paladin Kit
This kit is underpowered because it does abolutally nothing to help you later in the game.

Suggestion: Give paladins an extra 2 hearts of health, This would do a lot to help them later in the game.
Pyro Kit
This kit is so fun to play with, but it’s fairly underpowered.

Suggestion: Make fireballs thrown by Pyros create a much larger explosion.

Suggestion: Make explosions do less damage to Pyro kits.
Greedy Kit
This kit can be a fairly useful kit for people to easily get stuff from chests they come across.

Suggestion: Give Greedy the ability to get all the items from people they kill (Dropped on the floor if your inventory is full) -This was an idea from RipShottt but as a separate kit.
Suggestion: Add some auto inventory managment features, like auto dropping old swords for better ones, armor, tools, etc.
Engineer Kit
This kit is a nice idea, though it’s fairly challanging to take advantage of redstone features in a faster paced game such as Wool Wars in my opinion.

Bug: Players can use pistons to move blocks that would normally be unbreakable.

Suggestion: Make the throwable tnt blow up instantally when someone is near it.

Suggestion: Give 2 tnts per kill instead of just 1.
Salvager Kit
This kit is a nice idea, though it’d be better if there was a faster way to break items down.

Suggestion: Put a non movable button item in the top corner of the player’s inventory, when clicked with an item that can be broken down, to just remove the item you were holding with your cursor, and give you the items it broke down into. When clicked on while holding nothing, it’d open a crafting table.

Suggestion: Give the ability to get all the items from people they kill, to “Salvage” the items. (Don’t give this to salvager if given to Greedy) -This was an idea from RipShottt but as a separate kit.
Grandpa Kit
This kit is only useful in very niche situations, and is practically useless against Glider, Feather, Anvil, anyone who’s in cobwebs.

Suggestion: Instead of giving an item, this kit should just make you do more knockback when you hit someone with a weapon (Like an Axe or Sword).
Vanish Kit
This kit’s only uses are vanishing in Dangerous situations, or getting up fast, but only once. Teleporter makes this kit redundant, as well as Vast.

Suggestion: Instead of having a 1 time use, start with 2 uses, and give another use every 1 1/2 minutes.
Vision Kit
This kit is really fairly useless. What good is seeing someone’s health and where they are if you can’t beat their mobility advantage?

Suggestion: Give the Player 2 Eyes of Ender at the beggining, 1 every minute, and 1 every kill, which would act as a “Homing explosive projectile” That will go after the nearest player to you when thrown and explode on impact.
Pufferfish Kit
This kit is really useless, though I get the impression it was meant to be, though I do have some ideas for it.

Suggestion: Add a chance to inflict the poison debuff on the player you hit.
Suggestion: Add a stronger Sharpness enchant to the pufferfish.
Suggestion: Add a knockback enchantment to the pufferfish.
Suggestion: Instead of the other 3 suggestions, leave it the same but double or triple the reward in tokens.

I will say this again, This is completely my opinion, and I’m just throwing around ideas to help balance the kits. ^^


Hard agree with most of this. A couple issues though:
-5 chances would still be too many for camel. 2 or 3 would be the sweet spot. Otherwise it’s either useless or still too OP.
-the Spiderman buff would make it too overpowered. I suggest, instead, that it has a 1 minute cooldown perk that allows it to move through cobwebs faster but not hit through them.
Everything else I either dont mind or strongly agree with.
+1 :]

I agree with most if not all of these and it makes the more far even glider ;-; and I would love to see stuff like this to make them more equal so more people use them

agree with all

Please apply for the idea team, this is awesome and I agree with most of them.

I disagree with camel. You get pulled down by damage, which makes it harder to get our.

Your dedication was insane in this haha. Basically agree with everything mentioned!

Vast Kit: If the server says that the player got hit, it can stun the ability faster than any connection to the game can tell the client. The actual problem is the length of the ability stun, the player can lag very much so the knockback response can happen after the stun ended and make the player still able to stack up, as their ability-use packed get received as fast as the knockback response.

Camel Kit: First it needs a buff, now it needs to be nerfed heavily, and that it still didn’t get its buff.

Knitter Kit: Why carpets? They are already instant and are even more instant when they have been stacked to build up with.

Feather Kit: But it is not using an ender pearl.

Spiderman Kit: I have tested it myself, a spider will take fall damage, even though it fell through 30 blocks of cobweb.

Tinker Kit: The particles can’t be changed if they are generated from the server. Munchy and other servers have proven that they can’t change the particle state “persist” to “decreased” or “minimal”.
The particles show up even when using minimal in vanilla or particles: off in optifine.
It would already suffice, when the particles on creation are set to “decreased”.

Vanish Kit: This is your true motive, make strong kits even stronger so the commonly played kits get even weaker.

Pufferfish Kit: #3 is already grandpa and #4 would also apply to no kits selected because that is also possible and is even more useless than Pufferfish.

for Camel specifically, anyone who was at the WoolWars tournament knows the kit needs a nerf ASAP.
Four out of the five matches were won by camels who kept to the ground, used carpets, looted unseen chests towards the bottom and waited for the sandstone to rise all the way up and kill everyone not using the kit.
If you think this kit needs a buff, you have not seen what people with decent intuition can do with it.

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If a next tournament happens, Camels are guaranteed to not win, even before the nerf, because the players would train to attack camels risk-free.

Kitten, I know you are probably going to give me the generic “don’t just use that as an excuse to invalidate my arguements” response, but I really do feel like you could have done a bit more research into this before giving your response.

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Alright let’s break this down…
Vast >> People with a super laggy connection probably wouldn’t be able to register the action of making vast go up very quickly in the first place anyway. Most people who are that laggy get stuck in the same spot before the game can update their position, which causes death for them when someone just sits in front of them and hits them with a sword until they die.

Camel >> I 100% agree with calicow. People who sit down at the bottom of the map with carpets are basically untouchable, since it’s very easy for the attacker to touch the sandstone unintentionally which would cause them instant death. The only true way of taking them is with a bow, which people who are skilled enough can just dodge.

Knitter >> Carpets break faster, but are not totally instant.

Feather >> You completely missed the point here. I was saying that having feather take 3 hearts of damage by falling is dumb because someone with a pearl can just pearl downwards and only take 2.

Spiderman >> I meant when people place them to trap you as you’re chasing them, you would be immune to being trapped by them. It’s a slight advantage that has a little weakness to it.

Tinker >> It lights off multiple fireworks. They could totally adjust that so it doesn’t use as many. People for who it lags also probably have decreased particles and still lag. Again, we’re talking about absolute potato PCs here.

Vanish >> I mean you can accuse me of that all you want, I mean, it’s not like Teleporter kit, being able to choose where you teleport, once every 2 minutes is deferentially not more useful then a 1 time use of not being able to choose where you teleport.

Pufferfish >> I’m gonna go out and say that, from playing this game for a long time, Pufferfish is more useless than no kit atm. You can only attack people with the pufferfish (which basically does no damage, less than wooden sword pretty sure), or you have to use ranged projectiles. You can’t use a sword, You can’t use anything like that. I know the knockback is something grandpa has too, but Pufferfish needs something. With my Grandpa suggestion, it’d give all swords knockback, with pufferfish, it’s just the pufferfish. As for the 4th suggestion, If it were to be left the same (As a challenge kit), People could get rewarded with more tokens for wins and kills, since these are very hard to get with Pufferfish.

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i was wrong btw, it wasnt 4 out of 5 matches that were won by camel.
it was all of them

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Vast: Your scenario was projectiles, not a short-range battle.
Feather: But someone who has an ender pearl is not limited to just downwards.
Spiderman: Pros: You can’t get slowed down from people using your own weapons against you. Cons: You can’t MLG Cobweb anymore.
Tinker: I had a potato PC before, I know what it feels like to have 15 fps at good days.
When it is really just summoning the firework rockets, just not the particles themselves, then it sure can help to decrease the firework rocket count.
Vanish: I understand now why you think Vast would make it redundant, but I didn’t know Teleporter got a 2min upgrade. I thought 2 ender pearls and then it is up to the loot to decide on a third pearl.
But still, Teleporter can’t reach the height that Vanish gets to instantly.
Pufferfish: I believe I forgot about the only pufferfish weapon challenge here, so instead of all this added from the start, how about an upgrade system? An upgrade is granted every minute and the pufferfish can open a “shop” on a right-click to decide where the upgrade goes to, 1 upgrade equals one enchantment level. The max one can get is Sharpness 8, Knockback 2, Inflict Poison 2, Token Multiplier 5. (the last one starts at 1 and upgrades in 0.5 steps, so a max of x3.0)
Upgrades can only stack up to 1, should it not been used, the next upgrade will be chosen at random.

Yeah it was the practice round where the Camel didn’t win. The real rounds, it was all Camels.

Vast >> My example, was being hit in general

Snowball and Sword being the important words there.

Feather >> Yes, Teleporter isn’t limited to just going down. That’s exactly what makes Feather underpowered. Teleporter can use a pearl to teleport down, and take 2 hearts of damage, while Feather can fall in the same place, and take 3.

Vanish/Pufferfish/Teleporter>> This is what Boop was saying when

It’s clear that you don’t play Wool Wars very often, which is fine. I’ve played a lot though, And have spent lots of time playing with and against each kit in the game. It’s clear you didn’t play enough to know that Teleporter got a pearl every 2 minutes. It’s clear you didn’t play enough to know that Pufferfish can only attack with the pufferfish item. And when Teleporter gets pearls, they start with 2, get one when it hits 0:30, then one at 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, etc, so they get a 3rd one 30 seconds in, then they get one every 2 minutes after

Spiderman >> Yeah spiderman in lots of situations isn’t very useful as is, but it actually is very useful in others. It’s why when It gets a buff, it needs a con to it as well.

Tinker >> Yes, what I meant by “Changing or removing particles”. I was meaning that, Tinker could use something that isn’t Fireworks at all, that would still look cool and not lag people out.

Pufferfish >> I actually do kind of like your idea here too. Though I do think it needs some guaranteed buff to even get it close to useful, or to have some reward for a challenge.

But no matter the ability, teleport can still take more than 3 hearts of fall damage on a missed pearl, and since the server is in 1.8, the pearl won’t get a trajectory manipulation downwards so it can’t hit the ground faster than the player can fall, it needs to hit the wall to MLG Block instead.

Vanish/Pufferfish/Teleporter: I simply forgot to open Woolwars Kits first and this is not bound to playing the game.
Of any popular enough game, there exists online documentation for all the numbers and other information. Only Munchy Prison seems to be an exception to this.
Sounds like Teleporter is bugged in that way, why didn’t you mention that Teleporter’s timer already starts before the game even started?

Tinker: Anything can also lag people out, lots of falling_block or armor_stands are as bad as firework rocket spam.