OKG_Emsbry build team applications

IGN and past IGN’s: OKG_Emsbry

**Timezone:**Central Europe

Discord username: Mihajlo#9146

How long have you played MunchyMC?: for few months

Please link a portfolio of all your most recent build projects: this is my site where i post my builds: https://emsbrybuilds.dragndropwebsites.com/me/website

Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: My kitpvp map is my favourite map but it got deleted with my server

**How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel and other relevant plugins?:**I know to use World Edit very well , but i am ok with Voxel

**Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.):**My good skill is making houses and mountins.I also know how to make maps like kit pvp or sky wars.My weaknesses is build the interior of the house

What is your history of building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past? I was not builder on so many servers but i was builder on one serbian server

Describe yourself: am a very creative and persistent person. I have a lot of ideas that I can implement very quickly and easily.I am also team person.


I can’t access the photos

Nice builds

Thanks you!!

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Nice teraforming also the house is good but you also need more than one build good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you!!

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Best of luck my friend! :smile:

Thank you!:grinning:

I can’t even see the build with those shaders, or at least hard to see xd. You must include more builds to be considered. your roof here is alright looks a little weird and there is a bunch of holes in your house. Also, your structure doesn’t feel like one structure, but three that were built into one another. you should make the three parts stick out that much. but all things considered, your house is good, could be better, and you need more builds to show us. Please message me if you have any questions! +0.4 for now (and turn on smooth lighting when taking screenshots of your builds :slight_smile: )


I have some questions,i would like if u answer them

1.how much builds more i need to include and what time of.(in this pictures i was trying to show my voxel sniper skill)
2.What u mean when u say , Also, your structure doesn’t feel like one structure, but three that were built into one another , do you think i put them all together in one big constuction.
3.And i dont understand what this mean ,your roof here is alright looks a little weird?

thanks for the comment!!

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If you are bob the builder you must be good.

Yeah i guess xD

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  • 0.5
    While the build that I see is pretty good, it’s only one. They are generally looking for a variety of builds to judge your skill level. If you put say, 10 or more builds of this level and quality, you would have (IMO) a good chance of acceptance.

Thank you!!! Please explain me what IMO means

In My Opinion :smile:

Good luck though!

  1. it depends on scale, creativity, original and how extraordinary your builds are. And build as quickly as possible, lol
    2)I mean that even though its good with those small walls that stick out, don’t make them stick out too much. You need it to feel like its a wall that sticks out, not a small building that sticks out.( I have some builds using this if you wanna have a look).
    3)the weird roof turned out to just be from one of the images, it looks normal from the other ones xd, sorry about that, that’s my fault.

any further questions?

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thank you for taking the time to answer me and i would be happy to show you some examples from answer 2. U can add me in discord its in my application.

Added you now!

-1 only a few builds

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