NumberSpore350 6th application

I**GN and past IGN’s:**NumberSpore and my past IGN are linked here


How often can you host events:
I can host Events on the weekends including friday 2 hours or more, and sometimes I can go on the server when its not the weekends and If I see a bully in a event bullying someone I would say show respect and the other thing I would say is how would you feel If somebody did that to you and If they would not stop bullying I would ban the person off of the Event World and I love this server so much the only reason why I was not on the server that recent is because my alt account got hacked and there was nothing I can do about that so that is why I have a new account and I continued playing on your server and I thought why not help this server out it is the least I can do and I hope that The Event Team can make more awesome Events and My favorite event is solo dodge ball.

What sets you apart from other applicants:
I’ve been playing on this server on my main account for almost 1 year I will try my best to be the most active I can I am really enjoying this server and I thought to my self oh I have been in the munchy community for awhile now maybe I could help the community out by hosting fun events and I even enjoy them for myself it could be a good experience my maturity activity and how I act to other people are down below.

Maturity I think that I could do better on being mature but I changed over the few years I have started being even more responsible but I used to only be like only 10% good at being mature and now I am like 70% good at trying to being mature.

Activity: Sometimes I might be very active and sometimes I’m not I would say Activity is about a even but I know that does not mean I can not improve on being more active but I have confidence in myself that I can reach that goal. Edit I am being more active from now on but my parents won’t allow me to be on when it is a school day I can only be on when it is the weekend or friday or there is a no school day I hope that doesn’t bother you and I will try my best to be more active.

**Friendly:**I like to make friends so I think that I am good at being friendly because I always would want to have a new friend and help others If needed. For example someone is getting bullied in a event I would say stop picking on him his or her feelings matter as much as yours.

  • What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:
    I think that I can bring everyones frown face upside down and turn there frown face into happy face and I hope I can spread the love for this server and I hope I can help everyone out and make new friends and when I see a hacker hacking in the event I would ban the hacker away from the event world or somebody breaking a rule that big of a deal than I would ban them out of the event world or give them a warning but If somebody does get killed by a hacker than I will write in the chat sorry to the players that got killed by the hacker but I won’t say that every time .

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):
@Liamtheblueninja was the most nicest event member I ever seen and he was the one who convinced to join the event team and I hope I can see him again when I join the event team and he was the first ever event member that I ever met and I hope I can become friends with him when I join the event team and I hope I can meet other Event members and make new friends and help everyone out all the people and I love to be a event member is to include others in the event world and @Liamtheblueninja was so nice he letted me be a slayer for 1 round and letted me choose the event and I said sumo and he chose sumo for me.
Anything else you would like to add:
I am a Chinese boy who loves Minecraft I played Minecraft for 1 year now and now I love the game so much when I first started I thought people were going to be mean to me but no one did that is why I continued and I started loving this game so much and I have a Event Member named NoEffort’sName why am I saying another event member well my last application I copied off out of his application and that was something I regret doing so please If your watching this application I am sorry and will you accept my apology and I promise I will never do this again I am so sorry that and I would like to share why I like being a Event member and why I don’t.
One thing I love joining the Event Team: I love joining the event team because so I can help people and make new friends.

One thing I hate joining the Event Team: One thing I hate joining the Event team is when people aren’t nice to me and they keep saying mean stuff for no reason for example your a bad event member and telling me to consider sucide I really hope people stop being mean or toxic to others.

**Congrats you made it to the end how do you think of it **
Leave a comment down below how you thought of it
If there is a mistake just tell me and I will fix it

P.S I just copy and paste my last application because I think I did good enough because the only thing I was worried about was being active and I think I can Do it:)
Edit: I played the events and the events are super fun and Im happy that I am able to play them:)
Edit: If I do get accepted than I am happy to meet some new friends:)


you seem like you really did a good application, although u did copy, paste which makes me think you didn’t put that much into it. +0 from me.

good luck!

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yeah I will try to add more into it thanks

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only reason I copy and pasted was because the staff told me only about activity not anything else

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Hello! You have a good application, however I have never, not once, seen you on kitpvp. Activity is a huge factor. Therefore I can’t vouch for maturity.

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I was just on 1 min ago
lol now Im on hypixel for a little bit

Hello, I haven’t ever seen you on kit but good luck.

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Im on the dodge ball event rn

Just like 82602 said, I’ve never seen you on. Also I’d reread your application for grammar mistake as there are quite a few. Other than that Good Luck!

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I am going to be online soon

I changed my minecraft username to NumberSpore instead of NumberSpore350 because I thought there was no point for the 350

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Application denied. Unfortunately, we do not feel like you meet the activity requirements to become an event team member.