My Demotion from Helper

I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now, but I guess its finally the time I really publicly discuss my demotion from Helper rank.

I’m just going to start off and say I thank for anyone who had to put with me on the staff team. When I look back at those times I’m just disappointed with my immaturity. About a month before my demotion I became really toxic on the staff discord server. I was rude, immature, and just overall a jerk. What transpired in that month I truly regret. I basically told one Senior Staff member to suck it, and insulted another Moderator and fellow helpers. I also decided to post some questionable images in the Discord too.

Looking back I just got too comfortable and took advantage of the people who trusted me with the rank that is Helper Rank. Like I said I am very ashamed of me and take full responsibility of what happened that Month, I extend my full apologies to whom I have disrespected, been rude to, lied to, and those who trusted me the most (I think you know who you are by reading this)

Since my demotion I took a break from Munchy and started to stream. Last month I returned and I have started to play regularly again. During that break I was tested maturity wise and I think I’ve grown from those situations. So if you see me lets start a conversation! Or if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me on the forums or on my discord. Joshy#9838.

Thank you for reading this post, I truly hope the people who I’ve hurt in anyway can accept my apology.
Love you all,


Thank you.


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ily Napkins <3