Munchy Newsletter (March 2018)

Welcome back to another exciting month for MunchyMC! A lot of changes have been taking place, so we’re excited to begin sharing those with you. Happy Easter, for those who celebrate, and let’s jump right into it!

Last month, Antfrost and Callahan stepped down from their respective positions on Prison. Antfrost now works as head admin and Callahan is now Kitpvp’s dev. With these new changes, a new dev and server admin was needed for Prison. DreamOnPvP has rejoined the team and will be filling both of these roles! Lastly, Lordbobby104 is taking over the task of being head developer. To read more about Munchy’s new management, please read this thread.

  • Update to event world policy
  • Big changes coming

  • New map being worked on
  • New sets being added
  • New everything!
  • Read more here.

  • More testing ensues

With the rise in cyberbullying becoming a problem, don’t be just a bystander! Take an active approach to fighting back against inappropriate behavior. If you see something, say something by using /report to inform a staff member. Additionally, you can record the rule-breaker and post your proof over at to be a bigger part of the solution.

During the school year, it can be very difficult to maintain activity on a video game, especially around midterms. However, this player has been consistent in their activity. Whether they’re pvp’ing on Kitpvp, raiding on Prison, or posting on the forums, they have maintained a good balance of IRL and in-game time. Not only that, but this player also is well-known for being a friendly, happy-go-lucky individual. This player is none other than @awesomecat99! Congratulations! Please message @_featherpaw for your one month of elite.

  • New users to our forums - 28
  • Number of visits to our forums - 2.0k
  • New topics created - 103
  • Topic flags - 3 (remember to flag something you deem against our rules)

Congratulations @awesomecat99!

I love the idea of the news letters @_featherpaw!

What does it mean when you get promoted?


Thank you so much Feather! Thanks @Brush_Your_Teeth
I love this news letter idea too!


CONGRATZ AWESOMECAT! :smiley: way to be a example to other players! keep it going <3

Also, another successful news letter good job @_featherpaw


Thanks!! <3


fr though, another great example to be a event team member :slight_smile:


it means that you are a good person in the community xD


Great newsletter, good work! :slight_smile: Also congrats awesome cat <3


Congrats @awesomecat99 !

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It means you got promoted to the Event Team from a normal person.

Good job @awesomecat99 :grinning:

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Thanks everyone! :smile:

unban reset

Gratz Awesomecat!!

Keep up the great work with the newsletter Feather! It is awesome!! :smiley:

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