Milkman - [Kit Idea]


Abilities include:

:cookie: Sticky Cookie dough - Left click the Cookie to simultaneously shoot 5 eggs in the direction you aim (Summoner mechanic instead of vanilla egg throw). Each egg does .5 hearts of damage, while also pulling in the target.
cool down 10 seconds

:milk_glass:Spoiled Milk Bomb - Right click for an explosion that catapults you through the air in your aimed direction! Everyone within a 4 block radius of your explosion will have nausea II for 5 seconds and lose 4 hearts on contact.
cool down 30 seconds


  • Iron axe - sharp III
    Cookie - Knockback I


Helmet - Chain Protection I
Chestplate - Leather Protection I Res. 30
Leggings - Iron - None
Boots - Iron Protection I

Kit Overview

I don’t see what nausea has to do with milk… at all. Same as the lost of four hearts. Why would you lose four hearts from milk?

What do eggs have to do with cookie dough? I know you need egg to make cookie though, but I feel that it’s pretty irreleviant in this situation.

Why name the kit, " Milkman " the only thing a Milkman does is give people milk. Not cookies. In this case, name the kit Santa and change the armor. Or name it " Cow " if you like milk this much.

Is this supposed to represent sour milk? :thinking:

milk gives me nausea

Milk can make people feel very nauseated including myself :nauseated_face: but I guess it would make sense to rename it ”spoiled milk bomb”.
Yeah so eggs are used to make cookie dough, and I didn’t think snowballs would be any better unless you say that you’re physically throwing milk at someone which wouldn’t make much sense anyway.
The cookie can be replaced with a milk bucket but at the same time I feel like people understand the general theme of cookies go with milk even if he is just a milkman.