Map Arts!

Hello, I’m planning on opening a second floor on my shop (37) and am planning on selling map arts!

I see selling others map arts without paying them, their permission, or even crediting them as really annoying to those who spent possibly hours making their map arts.

So if any of you would to sell your map arts in my shop (as I’m aware many map art creators don’t have their own shops) please send me a picture of the map art as well as what price you’d like to sell it at, then give me the map art in game either in person, or through the chest at the entrance to my shop, then I will make copies and sell it for you and pay you whenever someone buys it(I will however take 1 gold per map for restocking it, but you get the rest of the agreed gold per map)

I’m also working on a world map myself which I will sell later.
If anyone has any questions then don’t hesitate to ask me!
Also to any Moderators reading, would saying you made a map art when someone else made it be considered scamming?

P.S. I’ve change my Username to AxolotlTheBlue from WolfsMimic just to clear any confusion anyone may have


This is an amazing idea!
Something I can answer, however I am not a moderator, is that

Scamming would only apply in this case, theoretically if someone was profiting off of the case that it was their own map art. However if it was never brought to light, it would never be considered as scamming until it is revealed that it is specifically not their own.
Now I am not a staff member, but my answer is speaking on the behalf of the concept of scamming until it is revealed that it truly is scamming.
Staff in this case, unless with proof, cannot prove that it is scamming.
So yes, staff can get on to people for scamming in this instance IF they have evidence.
However I am not the person whom can directly describe the policy Munchy uses to identify scamming. All I am doing is describing the definition of scamming.
Besides that, the concept of this topic is a nice idea, and I believe a concept like this for anybody who does not have the money to afford a mall shop. I hope you have good luck on your ventures!

Thank you for your answer, I’m hoping to get anyone who’d like to sell a map art to just go to the map art and do something to prove they have claim permission on it, which should hopefully prove they created it. I also did this partly cause I don’t think there’s anywhere to get most of the map arts from and I’m never sure if they’re the real creator

This is a cutie idea! About the scamming part though:
Scamming is an act where a person does not receive the item they were promised or was misled into buying an item for what it was not originally advertised as.
Basically, it isn’t againest the rules to resell. Though it is annoying and rude, not punishable.

It’s sad that it wouldn’t be punishable by mods. I’m still going to try my best to make sure they at least have claim perms for the map art, or some other form of proof they own it. I’ll also try to find out who the OC is if someone is accused of scamming. Would it be considered over the top to write on signs anyone who tries to attempt to sell another’s map art on a sign in the shop? It’s the only form of punishment that I could really do without mod help.

You could write signs in your shop asking people to not resell. Though I quote the word “asking” because it is just that, you are only asking them because they are not required to follow those rules.

That seems like a good idea, I hope that I won’t need to deal with anyone reselling others work.