Mall Directory

I think the mall should have some sort of directory. For example, a board at the entrance that shows who owns what shop. I constantly see players asking where x player’s store is and it would make it so much easier to find specific shops as well as seeing what shops are available to rent.

Edit: It may also be cool if a shop owner can put a little message on the directory, even if it’s just a few words to say what they sell.


Great idea honestly! Sometimes I know who owns the shop but I forget about the specific number. This would be so helpful! :blush:

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To be honest, this would sound like an amazing idea! A nice and compact way to do a format of this would be to put this into a book and it would list 1-120!

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What about a command? Something like: “/shop playername” Then it’ll show for example: “This player owns shop 5”. And it can just say: “This player doesn’t own any mall shops.” If they don’t have a shop rented.

Good idea tho, have been struggling with the same thing.


That’s a good idea, but the only issue I see with that is the player’s shop you’re looking for would probably need to be online for that to work.


Actually, when you go to the munchy website and search up the player’s name, and click the “survival - click me!” game profile, it shows you their shop, what they have in inventory, and how much they have made in that shop (and more). So there is already something for this. :)


This one’s a really nice idea, might save time when asked to refer to a shop too

That’s true, but I still think it would be cool and helpful to have something in-game.

+1 Actually it would be pretty good! We won’t be struggling while looking for a shop if you only know the Owner instead of the Number!

That’s true! I remember finding a command “/shopkeeper” but it ended up not doing anything. (maybe an admin command?) but it would be cute to have an in-game command instead of having to go to the website :3

not related to the topic but

Thanks for the info, i am now depressed


;-; am sorry

To be honest, I might plan on essentially making this into a in-game book and quill, any thoughts?

[EDIT: I have currently finished Shops 1-17]

[EDIT: I have completed my Mall Directory! Check it out in Shop 63 and buy it for 15g each!]

It would be pretty hard to keep the book updated everytime though…

I like @MyBee’s idea of adding a /shop (playername) option. I think it’s an easy way to determine if someone you know has a shop and, if they do, what shop number it is.


What an amazing idea!