Last Guy Made Me

I worked realy hard on another map, here’s another one (A rude guy wrote a whole letter why my last map is trash)
I just wanna ask if you like the map, still not sending link or anything :smiley:


I love the idea!
The floor could do with some other details though since it’s mostly flat.
(Also the bridge at the top [in the last screenshot] could look a lot better).

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I like it as a good starting point, but imo it’s lacking a bit more detailing. I think if you were to add a few other structures around the map and create a more varied palette it would be an amazing addition!

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ofcourse i’ll add more detail. i just wanna know if anyone like the general idea

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its smooth sandstone, it wont insta kill you

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Actually, smooth sandstone will insta-kill you, which I assume is due to it being a variant of sandstone. On the map lost treasure, there’s a little thing at the bottom in the center where smooth sandstone is used and insta-kills. This is likely unintended (and possibly already fixed I just haven’t checked) but still something that can happen.


If you wanna use sandstone on maps, I think slabs stacked on top of each other won’t kill you.

Other than that the map looks really good so far.

This map is pretty simplistic, and its nice.
The block palette is bland using only sandstone, and maybe you could use some other tan blocks (i.e. end stone, sand)
A few more islands and some polishing would be needed to make this a nicer map.
Despite that, this map is alright. It’s not the best or the worst, and that makes it perfect.

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