KOTH in Kits does seconds total rather than seconds in a row. Someone was up there for 15 seconds, then got knocked. Then when she reclaimed she started back at 16! Defeated the point of the game.

Also, there was an HG event. It was fun, but during feast there were mods playing with golems and flying all around. It was very distracting. I wish they were invis or messing around on a map that had nothing going on.


If the timer reset eachtime a player fell, the KOTH would never be capped, hence why they have the system like that.

I thought the point of it is to hold it 30 seconds straight. That’s how it’s always been. That’s why I figured it’s a bug. Just seems like it defeats the purpose of the game is someone gets knocked 29 seconds in, then can walk back up to win.

With kits like Titan and Vacuum it’s practically impossible to stay on it for 30 seconds, unless there’s nobody trying to get on.

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I agree.