KitPvP: Villager

I thought of this idea called Villager and thought this would be a cool idea.

Armor: Green Dyed Leather Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Gold Leggings, Diamond boots

Description: You are a villager chief, and used some armor and emeralds for war. Right click emerald to throw emerald and knocks whoever you hit!

Emerald Barrage: You throw out 1 emerald every 0.25 seconds for 6 seconds. This does high kb but only 0.25 damage per emerald.

UP, many kits have things like this, and a second ability.

Great Idea! :smiley: maybe rethink the Emerald Throw! :+1:

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Sounds kinda like the snow golem kit -1

I buffed the emerald throw, making it more as an emerald barrage thing doing high knockback

what I said to Orips