[KitPvP] - Individual Kit Leaderboards/Advanced Stats

This has been running on my mind for a while now. Individual kit leaderboards: a ranking for kills with one specific kit, for every kit. Furthermore, it would be cool to implement a feature that tracks more statistics for a number of kills, deaths, KDR, best killstreak, etc. for every kit, and a player can view each of these stats with ease.

Here’s why I think it should be added:

  • Induces more kit usage for every kit as players try to place in a ranking with a certain kit

  • Fosters more competition as players battle to top the rankings with a kit (ex. most kills with Archer, best KDR with Titan, best killstreak with Falcon, etc.)

  • Encourages more playtime through goal-making (ex. 100 kills with each kit, etc.)

Many players like myself enjoy having goals to work towards, and leaderboards and public statistics are a considerable way of keeping player retention. The implementation of this idea would aid in providing more to accomplish in KitPvP.

However, a big con in this case would be that stats are likely not being tracked for individual kits, therefore if this was to be added, it would not be accounting for all of the kills obtained prior to the addition. I could be wrong though. This may call for a revamp to KitPvP (v3) to make it more appropriate.


worst idea I’ve ever heard of in my life.


I doubt this will happen due to them working on other modes such as SG, and KitPvP is doing good as of right now.