Kitpvp Idea: Poseidon

Let’s have a throwback to our favorite old Gods and incorporate them into our beloved KitPvp server.

Iron Helmet: Protection III
Diamond Chestplate: Fire Protection IV
Dark Blue Leather Leggings: Protection III Unbreaking 30
Dark Blue Leather Boots: Protection III Unbreaking 30
Diamond Sword
Effects: Strength I + Water Breathing

Lapis Lazuli Renamed Call of the Sea
When this ability is used, this kit conjures a rainstorm in a 8 X 8 area around the kit’s location for 10 seconds (20 second Cooldown)

Passive ability: Whenever this kit passes into a water block or a rain storm, the kit instantly receives regeneration II/III (I am honestly torn between these two, however I feel regen III would be best) and 1 level of sharpness on the sword. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and is immediately refreshed every second until the kit leaves the rainstorm/water.

Comparing this to kit Zeus, Poseidon has increased resistance by approximately 8% and can also deal 1.25 increased damage with the ability over Zeus. With that being said, Poseidon’s main weakness would be the durability, as the leather leggings/boots will be the first piece of armor to break, followed by the helmet. Not only this, but unlike Zeus, Poseidon’s ability is actually affected negatively by any blocks above the kit, meaning if there is a block above the location of the kit, then rain will not enter that area. Overall I believe both are at the same power level (well when kit Zeus ACTUALLY gets fixed).

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Edit note: The Lapis is enchanted with Luck of the Sea III in case someone is wondering…


You can put water breathing on a sword? and it works? magic!

I think it’d be cool if this kit took less damage to the horse kit ( horsetamer? idk i forgot the name ), it just makes sense to me.
Also why the fire protection on the chestplate? Wouldn’t it make more sense if he took more damage to fire?

Other than those 2 things, I really like this kit. I think we should have more water based kits, or at least kits that just makes water useful.


Nono, I mean those are the potion effects the kit receives, they aren’t applied to the diamond sword.

Assumingly you mean kit Rider, what do you mean by this statement? Like they take less damage than rider’s armor or should they take more damage compared to Rider? Keep in mind these are Riders stats:
Chainmail helmet: Protection I
Iron Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings: Protection I
Chainmail Boots: Protection I
Diamond Sword: Sharpness I

The idea is that fire is extinguished in water and since Poseidon is the God of the sea, he would naturally take less damage in a domain of fire. This idea however, can easily be scrapped and you do make some logical points.


That makes sense I guess. The way I saw it was a poor fish being lit on fire lmao

To expand on it more, maybe that whenever the Rider is riding on the horse, the Rider does less damage to Poseidon. I’m not sure how this would work, but maybe it would do half a heart less? I don’t really know- I’m bad at making kits. Just an idea, though.


This is a really cool idea! I would love to see it as a kit in the game.


This kit seems really cool. I would love this to be added. Sadly, idk if there has been a kit idea based on a suggestion, meaning chances would be scarce of this being added.

Looks like a cool idea but Zeus is probably the most known greek god, I personally think a greek mythology pvp server would be cool but that would be very similar to smite, which may not be a bad thing, who knows?

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So essentially a better fish, but instead of staying only in a source of water they now have mobility and a portable water source that makes them regen like crazy.

Sounds about right, considering fish sucks lol. The regen can always be dumbed down if it is too fast, say regen II.

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I think Regen 2 would be good and at least you don’t have a strong Strength 4 but at least a portable ability

I honestly believe that regen III is actually better, considering you still do have the movement disadvantage while in water, as well as not the extra damage. Sure the armor is stronger, but it also contains leather, which breaks quick. I feel like regen III just has more use and regen II would make it too weak.

Again, it would be something that we would need to test first and go from there.