KitPvP Halloween Suggestion

I think it would be pretty cool to add a chance to win ranks in the new KitPvP Halloween event! In the Pumpkin Ender chest have a low percentage, but a chance to win to the best of ranks, to the worst! I believe this should be added since it will make more people want to join in to get themself a rank! (If you have the rank under already you have higher chance to get the next one: for example, if you have Elite you have 5% getting Legend, if you have Super you have 6% getting Elite. If you have “Legend” you have an extra 8% on getting a Prefix!

Legend: 1%
Elite: 2.5%
Super: 3%

It would also be cool to be able to get a variety of Prefixes!
Since the “Spooky” prefix is already on sale, maybe put that in, make some custom ones! I made some ideas!

“Boo” :ghost: 5%
“Evil” 5%
“Candy” 5%

Feel free to let me know your opinions!



Also! It would be cool if you could find these in WoolWars, the wilderness of Prison, hidden places on Survival!

Edit: 2. (Idea Credit: @Vorxdo!)

The rank could be a seasonal event only as it would be unfair to those who have purchased a rank already.

Yeah, somehow I feel like it would break the Economy if you could get ranks through these chests

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Possibly, but it would be really rare. Maybe just the prefixes?

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Although many people would want these ranks themselves, I believe that it’d probably seem unfair to those who purchased the ranks fully no matter the rarity. This is just my opinion, though. A way to improve this concept could be to have certain ranks that are still rare, but they’re seasonal and only available during Halloween events.

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Yes! Very true. Maybe a seasonal rank would be perfect, would draw a lot of attention!

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Agreed. It has to be a non-purchasable rank that is only eligible through unlocking it through chests.

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Yes, that could also make more people want to get the rank too.

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Yeah. Alright, good luck with your suggestion.

Happy Halloween!! :jack_o_lantern::smile:

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Thanks, happy halloween!

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Maybe .01% instead of 1%?


Chests have been recommended many times … personally I wouldn’t bother lmao


what do you mean? they’ve already been added @oizn

I mean spawn reward chests that need a key to open, not the ones that appear around spawn

Ohhh, yeah I know what you mean I’m talking about the ones around spawn.

Halloween is over…

BadBoyHalo, said the map will remain Halloween theme for a bit.

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Oh, ok.