KitPvP: Combo

Gold helmet
Iron Chestplate
Gold Leggings
Iron Boots

Ability: Combo Axe:
The combo axe will do 2 things in one, shoot snowballs for 3 seconds (Only if you hold the axe and one snowball every 0.3 seconds), and the player will be ignited on fire for 2 seconds (fire also makes it harder to see the bottom if you think about it), and you’ll have Sharpness 1 for 2 seconds. The cooldown is 8 seconds

Knockback makes it impossible to combo people. Instead maybe it should decrease the players max hit delay to something like 5 ticks instead of the usual 20 ticks (I think) this may have some problems though like people calling HaCKs or ares freaking out.

I removed the kB from the sword, so it’s easier to combo