Kit Idea (Kangaroo) UPDATED

Back in April 2018, I came up with a kit idea called Kangaroo. It seemed pretty cool, but I was informed of some flaws.

First off, the Kangaroo kit would wear:

Leather Helmet: Protection 1 Unbreaking 10
Leather Chestplate: Protection 1 Unbreaking 10
Iron Legs: (The strong kicking machines) No Enchantments
Leather Boots: (The feet deliver the blow) Protection 3 Feather Falling 2 Unbreaking 10
Wooden Sword: (Kangaroos deal more damage with their feet) Sharpness 1 Unbreaking 10

Second, the Ability: Kangaroo Kick ( 5 hearts of pure damage )

This ability would “paralyze” you, as the “kangaroo” would balance on its tail; charging a kick so powerful, it would also paralyze the victim.Inflicting slowness and jump boost at high potency, this would put the paralyzing blow into affect.

This might sound sort of pointless, however, all would happen in a second. The victim would be paralyzed, while you’d be merely waiting to get back on your feet to deliver melee damage.
Victims are paralyzed for 6 seconds, you are paralyzed for 2 seconds. Once the kick is delivered, the “kangaroo” receives Strength 2 for 4 seconds, or the remainder of the paralyzing effect.

The ability will have a cooldown of roughly 40 seconds. If you’re in an enclosed space, you could get quite a few kills, but if you’re out in the open, you could be attacked without being able to move for a short period of time. To me this seems pretty balanced. It’s a rare happening ability ( in terms of cooldown ), and can be countered by simply predicting when the “kangaroo” will “kick”.

Finally, when the “kangaroo” is on cooldown, it will have Speed 1, and Regeneration 1.

Side Note: Just for fun, the ability could also have a small chance of failing because the kangaroo fell down.

I actually spent a decent time revamping my previous kit idea about the kit Kangaroo. Please give me your feedback.


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+1 This sounds like an original, and nice kit to have!

ty :slight_smile: