iiRaidz - Staff Application (July 2019)

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PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST : (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?:
Yes, I joined in April 2nd, 2016

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?:
Yes, I have OBS.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?:
Yes, I do have Teamspeak and I am very active.

IGN: iiRaidz

Age: 17

Timezone: EST

Server(s) you would like to moderate: Preferably Kitpvp if possible Prison.

How active can you be per week? Since summer has indeed started it will allow me to be as active as I possibly can, but I have work every few days and my schedule changes. However, when I do not have work and I am free I can be on every day and be as active as I can.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: This, of course, isn’t the first application I have made on Munchy or any other servers In particular. Although I personally believe that I have tons of experience on multiple common to known servers that do not include Munchy. Such as ViperHCF. My time on there wasn’t long since I didn’t enjoy or really agree to the certain things the new Owner was doing. Even though it had tons of players I eventually started to lose interest due to glitches and very few updates from the Owner. That being said, since he didn’t trust anyone with certain stuff and he liked to be a solo Developer where he was the only one doing the work eventually made me leave and I found munchy and this was of course back in Mcpvp days 2015-2016. All the other servers I’ve been on were very small so I don’t see a point on naming.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? My Knowledge of Munchy started to grow in 2016 and has grown much more than ever since I became a former staff member. I’ve experienced pretty much everything on Munchy as a Player, Thinker, Staff, Event Member and of course a Manager. These roles that I’ve received have given me the highest amount of experience and I think the top one that I would pick would be as a player. It allowed me to know what I am doing and to know the feeling of a player and of course before going into any of these top roles such as Event I was able to put myself and visualize myself as other players and bring the enjoyment to the players of what they wanted. Now although I didn’t exactly have the “title” of event, I did have the permissions and access to the different events. That gave me so much experience and knowledge. I’ve played old game modes to this day I still do not like such as Maze Runner. Simply because I wasn’t very good at it and since it required me to always be the one to protect that princess I struggled to do. Although they added a newer version of Maze runner and I am talking about the original one. The newest version of maze runner was great :). I also have played numerous Manual / Automatic events 2 popular game modes for each are in my opinion is (Sumo and Classic RR). Sumo has always been a high-level event where everyone enjoys and Classic RR is the game mode where you’re all hyped for a 1v1 and there is a captain counting on you to win for your team!

Do you have any Anticheat experience? I do have experience with Anticheats. If the most experience I had in terms of using the Anticheats was Munchy. What I mean by that is Vipers was really difficult to understand since it was coded by 1 particular Developer and when I was taught I just went with the flow and sorta taught my self how to understand it: because the guy was going too fast. And I’ve always been a person to teach myself with various things and course if I had any questions about it I was able to ask my friend about it.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC: Till this day I still go around messaging old friends of mind that are staff till this day about certain types of hackers and I’ve recorded numerous videos of hackers during my trials on Munchy.

Languages spoken: English. I am not fluent with any other language but I do know a few bad words in 2 languages :wink: (Italian and Egyptian!)

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? As a Staff member, your role was to look after the players and just support them in any shape or form and I did indeed do that. But I also helped my fellow old partners that were and still are staff. If I would like mention as an example (Had his permission) @oBears when he was promoted to moderator he didn’t really understand a few commands. So I sat with him in TeamSpeak and some days just in-game I personally explained it to him and showed him how it worked and what it is for. Now he’s a highly skilled mod now! (Much respect for him) Of course, he wasn’t the only staff member I’ve helped but not the main point. I’ve reported many people for abusing certain things (Dupes, Bugs, etc) and I’ve guided people without the rank towards a staff who can 100% assist the player or even if I can answer it without asking a staff. Yeah the Staff rank itself has given me much more commands and power, but past and present I’ve always helped in all platforms (Discord, Forums, Teamspeak and Ingame).

What is your greatest strength? My two greatest strengths are taking situations seriously and having fun with players/staff. Throughout my entire time on Munchy I’ve managed to acquire other strengths such as the following: understanding certain situations and being a helpful teacher. I love seeing others being successful and if I was approached by a certain person such as a friend rather I’d like to put myself in that situation and give my best opinion.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: My ability to work with a team has definitely achieved a certain level where I can pretty much work with anyone. There are always moments where you’re allowed to joke with a fellow friend or even a fellow player, but when I am required to be told to do something I will follow it and doesn’t matter who or how I know the person I will rightfully work alongside with them and do what is to be told.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks? My opinion still stands. I think having knowledge of unique types of hacks or even hacked clients is a huge thing as a staff member. I’ve made some mistakes throughout it and not everyone is perfect in terms of banning but if you know what type of hacks they’re using and you take your time and don’t rush into the ban you’ll achieve the ban and throughout you’ll understand what types and uses of hacked clients.

(These are the hacks I know and are from my old applications although they don’t really mean much its more of a knowledge show and tell type no reason to add more or retype).

Killaura - Allows a player to have a higher reach against another player. It aims and clicks for you.

Forcefield - Allows the player to hit everybody in its path including mobs.

Anti-knockback - Allows the players to move and take no knockback.

B-Hop - Allows the player to jump around like a bunny that also gives them speed.

Regen - Allows the player to regen faster than normal without using any type of healing.

Aimbot - Allows the player to lock on to multiple different players.

Fastbow - Allows the person to shoot faster arrows without having to charge it.

Bow aimbot - like aimbot but with a bow. Which locks on the players and makes you hit all shots.

V-Clip - Allows the player to walk through stuff (Walls, Fences, ground, etc).

X-Ray - Allows the player to see through blocks (Diamonds, Emeralds, Iron Etc).

Jesus - Allows the player to walk on water.

No-Fall - Lets the players take no fall damage

Criticals Whenever a player uses this hack they always land a crit even without jumping.

Spider Allows the player to climb up walls.

Blink - Makes them laggy which allows them to look like they’re teleporting around the area.

Breadcrumbs - Leaves a trace behind you

ChestESP - Draws a box around chests.

FastEat Eat food faster and heal.

Fly - Allows the player to fly without using /fly, falcon kit or any type of game modes.

Auto-Soup // Auto-Potion - This hack allows the person to automatically drink soups while pvping and organize it into your inventory. Auto-Potion just splashes on itself while not having to go into the inventory.

Reach This allows the person to gain more hits and reach on their opponent.

AutoClicker A certain program that automatically clicks at any speed by itself by clicking with it or doing it on its own.

Fullbright A hack that lights up any places that is dark.

Glide - Allows the player to fall slower.

Edit: Fixed Hack list. Some Grammar mistakes.

Thank you for viewing my application! :slight_smile: :monkey_face:


you’re fricking cute <3. But this application is so amazing!

Overwhelming +1

  • Mature
  • Active
  • Helpful

you dont need this get rid of it

^that was an inside joke btw

Jokes aside, I think you have one of the best apps out right now and deserve a 17th chance at the position. +1, good luck monkey


+1 Cool babboon friend who definitely deserves another chance of being a staff.


+1 Cool babboon friend who definitely deserves another chance of being a staff

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when talking to you, you seem to have a great understanding of the server and i think you would do great!

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+1 dont screw it up again

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I want to give you a plus one but. You have a great app and I know you have potential to do a good job. However, I feel as though you are unreliable you have come and gone from staff positions numerous times. I would never hire you if you left my server and came back and left or got fired again. For those reasons I will give you a minus one. -1



Everyone deserves a second (or third) chance. I feel as though within the time you were gone you have grown a lot and figured out that you wanna stay on Munchy.



You definitely deserve another chance. Fantastic application btw


I want to give you a +1 as well, but I agree with Bikeski. You’ve been staff like 100 times now and you’ve left and were once demoted. How do we know that you won’t leave again?
I still love u tho pls no hate <3


3rd :upside_down_face: (raidz knows I’m joking <3 no homo)


+1 active.


Kind of on the fence with this one, for me it’ll be a +0.5 why I say this is because you’ve recently started becoming more active on Kit (don’t know about prison) and you’ve been back and fourth with wanting staff and having it then leaving. I do think you’ll do great as staff it’s just my opinion on it. Regardless, Good luck.


this kid plays prison all day long



Despite your history, I still believe you’d make a great candidate. Having known you, I know that you are an extremely approachable person who also knows how to do his job correctly. You’ve proved day in and day out that you indeed know how to do your job, and I believe that a mistake or two should not overshadow that.

Good luck!


Even though most of the time your an asshole (all the time) you still are a great person to everyone! +1… also if you do get staff try not to abuse like the other 2 times

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+image Good yasuo player.


FAT +21
Very active
Staff before
Good Luck

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-1 when in-game has been nothing but rude and obnoxious and seems very immature. Definitely not a rolemodel or a positive influence for Munchy.