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I’m not sure if this has been an idea that has been suggested so I’ll put it here. This is post is directed towards the prison gamemode. I find that a lot of new players commonly ask how much items go up in auction for. While it’s not a big deal to answer the question, I feel there should be a command you can put to find this out. It could just be a calculation comprising of the average amount of money the item has been bought for. Possibly like a /auction item info where a GUI pops up, sort of like the found item list, but whenever you hover over it, it would show the average price. However, there are times where players could auction an item, and have them bid extremely high on it with their alt, or have a friend bid extremely high. It could be made to where if it’s a certain percentage higher than the average, it would not be counted. I’m open to any other ideas you guys have to build off of this. (I’m only talking about semi-rares+, not regular items like ores, reg tools, etc.) I feel like the command should only be implemented around a month or two into the map, just so there is somewhat of a baseline for it to start off on and a decent amount of items would be found by then.

Edit: Added some clarification.

I don’t know if this would work. If the price goes up on an item, then the average would be between the old price and new price. Also, people sell items for completely different prices, so it can’t be reliable. It’s not a static price, and calculating an average will take away the aspect of scamming. Scamming is allowed for a reason. I’m open to hear more ideas though!

P.S: I’ll send this over to Varmetek

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I agree with this, possibly there could be a so called “average” and then another part where it says the price it was last sold at. Or instead of showing an average, it could just show maybe the last 5 prices it was auctioned for, just so the auctioneer could get a general idea.

This is true as well, however, I feel that scamming really doesn’t happen in auction. I feel like scamming is more person to person interactions in trade, blackmarket, cells, etc. I see what you mean though.

Thanks for the reply.

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Definitely an interesting idea… I’ll ask the idea panel what they think of it.

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Ngl I don’t agree with this. Like what if you auction something and your friend buys it for a very high price to throw off the price balance. It’s easily fooled up. However if there was a GUI for /auction, it would be like an auction house. If you’ve ever played cosmic servers, the auction has a bunch of items in the GUI, and when you hover over the item, it shows the lowest price they are currently selling for. This is a much better idea, but then again, munchy doesn’t steal, nor do they use generic plugins.

Yah, I’ve scammed someone out of about $100(I gave it back), I renamed a bunch of dried kelp to leather.

I thought about this possibility when I was writing this and I thought that if the pay was a significant amount over the average prices it’s been sold for, it won’t be counted towards the item.

I wasn’t necessarily thinking of a GUI for buying and selling things from a GUI auction house. I was thinking of being able to do the command, and maybe items that have not been found yet will only show up. Like every player’s personally found items, it will only show the prices of items that have been found on the server, just so it gives players hope to try and find it first.