I need your opinion

Do you think the map is ready, or maybe you want some changes?

It looks really good but be aware the sandstone will insta-kill you. Maybe use another block instead :)

its 2 slabs stacked

Are you sure that would work? In the end it’s still a block. I don’t know enough of WW but I would def get a bit confused of what and what not to touch

it won’t kill you. im 99% sure

gonna kill my braincells cuz i wouldn’t know what to touch. But thats probably just cuz I’m a bit dense lol. I still think your map looks amazing :)


thank you so much

map is quite bland but it is simplistic and i like it

I do actually like that its no so chaotic compared to some maps but as Jack said you are going to hurt my brain so hard with all that sandstone.


Dunno man this map may be hard to assocciate with people with eye problems as theres 2 varients of sandstone, 1 killing and 1 building structure.
The reason why I said eye problems as a munchymc map should be open to everyone to play for, because it wouldnt be fair if only like for example a certain state could play it.
Other than that great build!

I like the layout, it needs more colors and detail though ^^