I know another giveaway! (Closed)Winner is joshios

Hey Munchies! I’m doing another giveaway believe it or not:)

I’m giving away 1 month of Savage Rank!
Giveaway will end in 1 week so next Tuesday!
I will contact the winner on discord or forums!
My discord Qusax#8090.

Enter a reason why you should win! Winner will be contacted when this giveaway ends!

Last week’s winner was Luga456 I’ll add proof soon!

Good luck to everyone!



I wanted to enter cause not only do I enjoy being in this server, I also come on quite often. It would be awesome to have a rank, my IGN: tkbennet

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@tkbennet :smile:

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Not entering, but holy cows you are one generous person for giving so much to the community!

I wish everyone the best of luck.


@xShrek Thanks for those kinds of words!
Love ya!

I think I should win because I’m banned so if I win no one gets it (ツ)

@EcoToxic That’s not how it works:(

there is no real reason for me to get the rank but im still going to enter.
Even though i thin plattosaurus deserves the rank because he is so generous

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ign: CrazyField
Reason: I dunno I just like playing prison and it will be fun to play with a rank for a week :smiley:

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@CrazyField For a week? It’s a one month rank.

I read it wrong xd

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I’ve always wnated a rank lol
idk why but ye
gl to every1 lol ye cya
I liek prison also and to play on it
also u kniow my ign (5c4)))))))))

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@5c4 :slight_smile:

I believe I should win because I didn’t have luck with the thug giveaway BUT I BELIEVE I CAN WITH THE SAVAGE GIVEAWAY. Apart from all of that screaming same reasons as last time Good Luck to you all

-DarkLord128 (IGN)


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Because I give money to poor people on the server.

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@Qusax :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Den_ni_ni That’s my job but i guess u can work for me:D

@DarkLord128 I mean you do have a change so yeah!
Ps, I’m not cool.

Discord: matty#7431

I want to win because I’m broke and I like to play on MunchyMC. That’s it.


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I’m not entering myself but a nomination for a different player, that player being Luga456

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