How Do I Get Good?

I am bad, liek rlly bad at wool wars, its sad, i only have 1 win and I cant get better, I am trash. Please give me suggestins!

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Just practice, and find your groove. Theres many tactics you can take, this video shows a fairly good and easy to perform tactic.

In woolwars there’s lots of things to think about all at one time, with the right kit and tactic and being able to multitask a win will be just within your sight!

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Yes. You heard me right. Manifestation is the key. You must manifest LUCK because that’s ALL you need in Woolwars because it’s not skill-based at all.

  1. Invoke your inner eye
  2. Win
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There are many ways to improve when playing WoolWars! No one playing WoolWars is bad or trash, but they just need a bit more practice!


By far the most important way to improve is to practice. The more you try, the better you will get. Remember that you won’t improve in every game because of life.

If PvP is the problem, you can practice that, as well! I recommend using the 1v1 arena in KitPvP to help you! The more you do that, the better you will get!

Know all the kits

Knowing all the kits and the strategies for each one will also help you get better at WoolWars! Knowing which kit is best for is great! You should watch @bluepile’s video or click on the link below!

This was all I can think of (so far). Hope you found this useful! :slightly_smiling_face:


listen carefully because i will only say it once
-avoid situations where you can get knocked off as much as you can
-dont panic when you’re getting attacked. instead, run away first and think about fighting back later.
-allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. you only get worse if you insist you’re playing the best you can while losing.
-train cobweb clutching on walls to avoid falling to the sand.
-most importantly, play until you find your perfect rhythm, routes and playstyle.
now memorize all of that :slightly_smiling_face: