Help lol

Lol so basically I want to know if the names Atterax/Paracesis (both are weapons in a game I play btw) are cooler than _calculated and if I should change my ign to one of them.

I kinda like the Atterax username.

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I think both would be cool for an alias personally.


Thanks for the feedback, but do you guys think it will be worth losing _calculated for one of them?

Going from a name with to one without an underscore seems like an upgrade


I guess so, but its more about the word

I honestly think it’s an upgrade worth doing. As they both are pretty cool usernames.

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ok, thanks everyone

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Guess im Atterax now :stuck_out_tongue:
If I chose Paracesis I’d have been an absolute legend in the Warframe community (the game both names are from) as it has a lot of significance there, but not enough people in Minecraft know about it. So I chose Atterax instead since it rolls off the tongue better lol

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I hope to see you and your new username on Munchy soon! :smile:

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Thank you! Can’t wait to see it either xD

Steals _calculated’s username

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