Hello from Canada

Hello, my name is:

My favourite color is:

My favourite food is:

How I found this server:
After watching Minecraft YouTubers and stumbled across some playing it and decided to try it out, now this is the main server I play on.

Something more about myself:
I love Quantum Physics and all things about computers and Mathematics.

Hello to everyone.

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Hello there SuperMiner! How do you like your steak made? Personally I’m a medium type of guy. Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your time here, if you ever, EVER need anything, feel free to spam Callahan :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I personally like my steak medium rare(so I get the juicy type without too much chewing).

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Thank you for being so welcoming, and I will for sure.

Welcome to the fourms and the communities around it!

Thank you


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the Forums!! I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve heard @Examiner LOVES to be spammed on discord. So in case callahan isn’t responding feel free to message @Examiner! He loves his messages being sent 1 word at a time

Hey Konrad, :wave: welcome :wave: to Munchymc I hope to see :eyes: you on the server and forums :+1: Have a nice and wonderful day :smiley:

Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay, I heard there’s a good steakhouse nearby. :yum:


Welcome to the forums!

Have a Fantastic time here^^

Esio…how appropriate is this comment on the MunchyMC platform?..but when you say whatever you want, whenever you want…do you mean it :cut_of_meat: :hammer: :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the cutest introduction page ive ever had the pleasure to stumble upon and i also began playing again since some minecraft youtubers peeked my interest. :smiley:

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stop right now

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except for demoting esio that’s impossible

Edit: after many people spammed @Examiners discord dms to oblivion, he changed my response. Can @cheater please revoke this mans perms please!