Hardah - Staff Application

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)
- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes, I joined Munchy on January 6th, 2016 and have been consistently playing for the past 8 months.

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I use OBS to record and Sony Vegas to edit, I can record high quality 1080p 60fps videos.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, I’ve been using Teamspeak for many years and regularly join the Munchy TeamSpeak.


IGN: Hardah

Age: 18

Timezone: NZST (GMT+12)

Server(s) you would like to moderate: Survival

How active can you be per week? Currently, I work shift work doing 2 days 2 nights, then 4 days off. During the 2 days and 2 nights I can contribute at least 3 hours a day. During my days off I can spend 12+ hours a day online.
Note: The times on my days off may change depending on how busy I am irl.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it:
I’m afraid I don’t have much to show in this section. I used to moderate a friends server called AuPvP. It was an Australian KitPvP server which averaged 10-20 players back in 2013. In my time moderating, I gained experience on how to identify and ban hackers, deal with chat issues and help players in general. Other than that, and being Helper on Munchy, I haven’t got much experience.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? MunchyMC was created in June 2015 after the fall of McPvP (rip). Since the beginning of Munchy, sadly a few game modes have succumbed due to lack of players and/or interest. A few notable ones are Mazerunner, HG, Raid, and Siege. Nowadays, Munchy has grown into a fun and enjoyable server which players have a variety of game modes to choose from:

Survival: Survival on Munchy offers a twist to the regular vanilla Minecraft offering plugins such as MCMMO, to provide tons of fun and exciting things to do! There are countless ways to enjoy your time on survival such as claim areas to build with friends, go explore the map, mine to become rich, create communities and much more. There are worlds you can explore at the portal room: mining, end, and nether which you can use to obtain items. You can sell items by using /auc or by utilizing the mall. Survival uses gold ingots as its main currency that allows players to use at both auctions and the mall.

KitPvP: KitPvP is a server that’s pvp orientated where you can practice and improve your pvp skills. Casual is a ffa area where people can choose a unique kit to battle other players with the ability to swap between pots and soup. There are hostable automated events that donors can host like sumo, brackets, OITC, tnt run, dodgeball and more. Hostable events cost tokens which can be obtained by winning events, killing players and purchasing from the store. Along with the automated events, the Event team and Staff members host certain events such as Simon Says, Classic RR, Water Drop, Color Run and many more. The 1v1 arena has two different types of 1v1s - ranked and unranked. Unranked are 1v1s that are more chill and laid back without the pressure from ranked matches Ranked 1v1s have elo which are gained by winning matches and count towards the leaderboard. The leaderboard is a competitive aspect of kit with many players grinding to reach the number one spot especially since season 4 just started, many players are grinding to get to the top to win awesome prizes!

Prison: Prison allows players to experience a wide variety of exciting things to do such as farming, looting, gambling, and mining. There’s a large range of custom items such as legendaries, ultras, semis, and mythicals. To items, you can go outside exploring and looting the chests around the map. There are also some chests in the mines. Ranking up to the next cell A, B, C, D cell and eventually being able to prestige (unlocks abilities but sends you back to D) costs money. There are many ways to gain money but a great way is farming. You can also try your luck at the casino by doing fun games such as roulette, snail race, slots, and crash to earn money.

Wool Wars: Woolwars is a fun PvP game where chests are scattered around a map. Your objective is to kill and knock players off and be the last remaining. But there’s a twist - you need to avoid the rising floor or else you die! The higher you tower up, the more valuable items are, so getting yourself set up quickly is important to do You can pick a unique kit to fit your play style in hopes to win the game.

Purgatory: Purgatory is a rotten place where all the banned players go. Unlike most other servers, Munchy gives an opportunity of redemption, but at a cost. To earn a free unban you need to complete a quest. You can pick which you would like to do to earn your unban. You can mine 12,500 stone, 26,250 dirt or gain 200 xp levels. The best part about purgatory is the abilities non-banned players have: trolling the hackers! There are many abilities to choose from to troll a banned player to make their life a living hell while trying to earn an unban. ./adventure is also available to unbanned players who want to experience what it’s like to be a banned player.

Other: Along with all the game modes on the munchy server, MunchyMC has a lot more to it than just the server. Munchy has a Teamspeak and Discord server which allows players to communicate with other members of the community. It’s a great opportunity to meet new players and build friendships. This also allows for players to easily report people to staff members without going through the hassle of finding a staff member in-game. Munchy also has a website with general information about Munchy, the store, clans, leaderboards, support ticket system, and lastly, the forums.

Do you have any Anti-cheat experience?
Sadly I do not have much anti-cheat experience. When I was a mod, I did experiment with it a bit, but it was a moderately small server so it wasn’t used often. Since I lack experience, I’m very eager to learn about Ares and how it works.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC: I mainly play survival now so it’s more difficult to record hackers on survival. Here are 3 on survival which I recently recorded:

Languages spoken: English

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? Being fortunate enough to get promoted to Helper on Survival, KitPvP, Wool Wars, and Prison in May, I strive to work my hardest to make the Munchy community the best environment to be in. I moderate the chat to ensure it stays toxic free so players can enjoy their time on Munchy. Helping the newer players is also something I love doing as it leaves a lasting impression on them as they are first introduced to Munchy which shows them what an awesome community we are.

What is your greatest strength? My greatest strength is empathizing with the community. I once was a new player asking for help and was given it by staff members and players. I know what it’s like to ask and receive help, so I understand what it’s like on both sides. I aspire to have a positive influence on the community by communicating and maintaining chat. Since I have a lot of empathy for others, I know how to handle situations calmly and appropriately with everyone’s best interest in mind.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: I believe I’m great at working in a team environment. This is because, at work, I work within a team with relies heavily on communicating as I operate machines and need to work with others to make sure everything runs smoothly. Working in teams is not only great because you work towards a goal, but you also build relationships with those you work with and around. I enjoy working with others because you can ask for criticism which is valuable since I always look to improve myself online and IRL. I also love to see what others think because they may have a different viewpoint than me, so bouncing ideas off each other is important which I think I do well because I’m a good listener.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks?
I think my knowledge of hacks is quite vast considering I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2011 and have played on all types of servers. I’m not going to list every hack, so I’m just going to mention more widely used ones.

Aim Assist - Improves player aim while attacking an enemy
Anti Knockback (Velocity) - Reduce the distance (vertical and/or horizontal) a player takes after being hit
Auto Clicker - Automatically clicks for player
Auto Soup - Automatically drinks players soup to heal
Bunnyhop - Jump far distances while running
Chest ESP - Allows you to see chests through walls
Criticals - Deal a critical hit while being on the ground
Fly - Ability to fly
Free cam - Exit players body as if they are in gm3
Glide - Ability to glide/fall slower than the normal rate
Jesus - Walk on water
Kill Aura - Allows you to hit players while not looking at them at a range
No Fall - Take no fall damage
Scaffold - Places blocks under your feet as you walk
Speed - Increases running speed more than a speed potion
Triggerbot - Attacks automatically while looking at a player
X-ray - Allows you to see ores through the ground

If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to thank you for reading my application. If anything needs to be clarified, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for this opportunity, have an awesome day!

~ Hardah


+1 I do think you’d be a great fit for the survival staff team! One thing I’d say is bold the questions, It’s kinda hard to see.

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Yeah thanks, just fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

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smooth app + active = +1


+1 you are a good potato, i think your app was amazing, very mature and u can work well with a team.

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+1 Survival definitely needs more staff members since It’s growing recently, and I believe you would be a great addition to the team I’ve seen you actively on survival before and you’re a great helper and an amazing friend!


+1 extremely knowledgeable about survival and active across Munchy platforms, such as the community discord and teamspeak! Helped me out a lot when I was starting to play survival and always the first person I go to if I have a nooby question. Good luck Hardah, you really deserve it! :smile:

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Extremely rude, inactive, and is completely irresponsible.



Actively plays, and and even though I’ve only seen you on prison a few times because that’s what I mainly play, you were still interacting with chat with a positive attitude.

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+1 great app, great person, extremely active

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+1 Have known this man ever since I returned to KitPvP. He has been a very friendly and chill dude since that day. After a while I joined in on playing survival actively with him and seeing him help the newbies I already knew… Hardah is one of the most suitable members of the community for a staff position.

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I appreciate all your kind comments, thank you all! :wink: :blue_heart:

Pfft who is this noob :stuck_out_tongue: +3.6

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Why did u have to wait till the last day xD,
+1 from me
i know your active even tho i rarely see u (timezones…)
you are very mature
great to hang out with
and a trap

Gl man hope u get it.

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Active, kind and nice to talk to. Also is pretty calm when I accidentally barge into his channel :grimacing::innocent:

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Thanks again for all the kind comments! :innocent: :blue_heart:

I don’t really play survival much but from all of the times we have talked you seem like a kind and genuine person. Very dedicated to survival and well deserving. Best of luck!


Application accepted! Please contact me on discord to set up an interview.



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