Golck aka SmogX Media Application

Hey guys, before I start my application I wanted to tell you that I will be streaming tomorrow probably or in the few days coming for Christmas break so don’t be scared to look at my channel sometimes :sunglasses:

If you want to see my last video, there it is :

IGN : Golck

Channel link: https://youtube.com/c/SmogX

Number of subs: 1,3k

Average number of views per vid: 300 - 1000

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers: I uploaded my first video after a big comeback from 2018. I’ll be posting way more soon and doing some livestream also.

Servers for which you have created content: my favorite server right now is the prison but I will love to expend my content on wool wars or kitpvp because I know that I love them.

What do you feel would make you a good candidate for Media on MunchyMC? I have a lot of experience, I’ve been partnered for more than 100 servers probably in the past and I’m a really trustworthy and serious person. My most biggest channel community speak French and I think that can bring another type of players on the server and help him to grow up way more. I have over 150 videos on my channel and I’ve been uploading for like 2 years each weeks and I’m really passionate for that.

Heya! We’re going to deny your application this time around. We feel your current level of content creation is not close enough to the requirements to be accepted yet. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on discord. ( NoEffortName#7860 )

Please wait 1 month before reapplying

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