Has anyone got good tips on how to improve FPS on a relatively poopy computer? I have Razer Cortex installed Optifine doesn’t work for me I was just wondering because I only get about 20-30 FPS and I kinda wanna improve it. Thanks! :grin:

I’m pretty sure there are some mods out there that are meant to improve your FPS, one way to improve it is by turning down render distance and disabling Particles.

Ive done those things, without them I wouldn’t even get 10fps

man, that is pretty laggy. what are the specs of your PC?
If it’s an windows PC, you can check some specs by opening dxdiag

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It’s pretty bad it’s a Lenovo AIO or A1O I’m not sure but the monitor is built in to the tower so it’s gonna be pretty bad

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There’s a pic of the sticker on the back

No wait there’s the pic

Yeah, could you do dxdiag and send me an screenshot of what appears? you can blur out anything personal if you want.

I can’t actually go on my pc until Tuesday I’m using the forums from my phone but then I definitely can

Sorry for wasting your time

Its fine, just send me an screenshot of your dxdiag when you can use it again, if you want, you can even take it to DM’s.

Okay yea let’s go in dms so we don’t spam the topic :slight_smile:

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