Forum Punishable Offences

Hey Munchies! I am making this post to clarify the rules here on the Forums and what punishments one can expect from breaking these rules.

Here is a reminder of the rules:

  • Posts must be respectful
  • No bumping posts
  • No spam

However there is a lot more that users should be wary of, especially concerning the first rule.


This has become an issue recently, and will not be tolerated. Being rude, disrespectful or argumentative towards another member of the community is not something that should be on the forums.

If your post is not respectful to everyone, including those with differing opinions and those who have been disrespectful to you first, then please either change the substance of the post or consider not posting at all.

If you come across someone who is being argumentative, please report the post so one of the Forum Mods can look over and handle the situation without anyone else getting in trouble.


The Forum rules on profanity are the same as on the server: it is not allowed.

Posting a comment or topic with any profanity is against the rules and so you should refrain from doing so under all circumstances.


This is of course not allowed however please be aware that posting multiple consecutive comments on a topic counts as spam, even when the intention is not malicious. For example posting:

@Thunder thanks for the feedback!

And then in a new post:

@kitcat I will try and improve in those areas!

Counts as spam, so please try and combine your posts into one instead of what’s called “double posting”.


Providing criticism can be very useful and insightful when done correctly, however it is important to make sure that it is providing feedback over simply bashing either a member of the community or an aspect of the server you disagree with.

If you are receiving criticism on, say, an application or a server idea please remain civil and courteous in the reply even when you disagree with the feedback.


You may receive a warning when you have a post that has broken a rule or when you have repeatedly broken the rules across many posts. This may be as an official warning or as a caution, however Forum Mods and staff are not required to do so prior to punishing players; a warning is a courtesy to allow you to rectify your behaviour before you get punished.

Deleted/locked posts

Your post may be deleted at the discretion of a Forum Mod or staff when it breaks the rules. This includes any posts that contain any profanity, are spam or off-topic, or are not respectful to all members of the community.

Topics may also be locked when the topic has either run its course and has no meaningful discussion to be had left, when a severe argument occurs inside the topic or when it is necro-bumped.


Your account may be suspended when you have continuously broken any of the rules, or have broken the rules in a severe way (e.g posting private information of someone, or toxic spam), the latter being punishable after one offense. Depending on the severity of the offense you may be suspended from anywhere between a day and a month, and further offenses may lead to even longer suspensions.


ty for the clarification post, @BFI01 :heart:


Sometimes it’s good to have a post just to remind people. Thanks @BFI01!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reminder! I would like to ask you though, what exactly is “Necro-Bumping”?


I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it’s editing one of your topics a while after it was over?
Kind of like if beefy in 1 month edited this post.

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Necro-Bumping (Necro is a prefix for death) is simply replying to a topic that is over 2 weeks old (or in other cases, making an edit which bumps the topic into the latest feed as Brush stated). In some cases this is OK if it is valuable to that specific topic, otherwise we may lock it. Also known as gravedigging. So when someone is “necro-bumping”, they are bringing back an old topic from the dead!


Thanks for the reminder by me aswell! :smiley:


How has my account not been suspended? I broke many of these rules in the past but I wasn’t aware of them. Thanks for the clarification!


In the past although we did have a set of rules, they weren’t all too clear which is why I wanted to make the post in the first place. Most people just accepted the rules as being “typical forum rules” which is fine, but not great.

We will be tightening when we punish people, but don’t worry because you have all the info you need to stay out of trouble right here :slight_smile:


So all profanity isn’t allowed? What will the punishment be for using any cursing?

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Using any profanity gives us the right to completely delete the post. However if it is still a useful, meaningful post we may just redact any bad language. We probably won’t say anything the first couple times but if it becomes a problem we will kindly ask you to stop. :smile_cat: not like it’s a problem for you though.


What if you censor the word heavily? Would that still count as profanity?


There’s really no point in censoring a word if you mean the real thing, y’know? So yeah, it would count :smile_cat:

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