Elo not Matching Elo on sidebar

As you can see, the elo in chat does not match the elo on my scorebar

Due to you having the scoreboard toggled to “Seasonal Stats” only it shows your seasonal elo, as in the elo you’ve gotten throughout the current season. The elo in chat is your lifetime elo if you do ./seasonalstats (username) the 1252 will show up, then if you do ./stats the 1263 will show up.

thats the thing, i just started playing today

I think it’s different from losing/gaining elo seasonal and lifetime at the same time, that’s the only thing I can think of other then that I’m completely clueless.

as gawkyy said the difference is in the seasonal and lifetime. seasonal elo resets after each season, so it can be drastically different than your lifetime elo. this means you can gain more seasonal elo in a duel then lifetime depending on your opponent’s

Nice helper bro :rofl::rofl:

Seeing that nobody has brought this up yet, you can simply “fix” this by going to the options item in casual spawn and change scoreboard to show lifetime stats, so that it will be displaying the same elo as mentioned in chat.