Disguise Kit (Idea)

Iron Helmet
Gold Chestplate
Chain Leggings
Iron Boots
(Protection 2 Unbreaking 30)
Iron Sword
(Sharpness 2)
Disguise - (Right Click) By right clicking the ink sack, you will turn into a random player on the server (15 seconds) this will let you get away from other players. You can roam around freely around the map.
This has a 30 second cooldown)

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this’ll probably mess some stuff up

maybe instead of turning you into another player, it could make others see like you have another kit. ex: you are using disguise kit but other players see you as falcon kit

I think that would be kinda useless, why would you need to look like you have another kit?

I don’t really know lol, I Just thought it could be cool

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This actually does sound like a good idea, but it also does sound kind of useless.

Maybe turn into a staff member XD