CNVPlays' Media Application

Channel link:

Number of subs:
2000 and growing really fast because my latest videos went viral.

Average number of views per vid:
On my latest videos, I get from 300 to 100,000+ views.

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers:
I uploaded my first video, The Luckiest Game Of Woolwars Ever!!! on May 16th, 2020 (My voice was a bit different back then).

Servers for which you have created content:
MunchyMC, Hypixel, Invadedlands.

What do you feel would make you a good candidate for Media on MunchyMC?
I feel that I’m a good candidate because:
I love to make videos for my favourite server, I am very family friendly (No swearing, Slurs, inappropriate topics, etc), I am very active, and enjoy making videos overall.

Thank-you for your time and consideration!

Question: does my application need more detail? if so i’ll add more.

PS. I will work on uploading more Munchymc content. I only have 2 videos (about Munchy)
PPS. I am currently working on a PVP montage. But since I suck at PVP, It’ll take a while.


+1 Give him Media Rank

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+1 too tired to say why

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+0, a very cute man but you don’t seem to upload a lot of content on Munchy… :c

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I will work ok that.

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+1 He’s in my clan, and he’s cool.


+1 Content is good and subs are growing rapidly!

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I literally found you on my YouTube recommended which was sort of wonky. Then I cam here and saw you applied for Media. Although for now I’m going to give this a -1 as it seems you only have two Munchy-related videos.

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+0.5, Very active YouTube channel but lacks content on Munchy to deserve a Media rank.

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The requirements state that I need at least 1 video about Munchy. But I will work on uploading more videos related to Munchy.

Yea but still if Your gonna get the rank we expect you to upload munchy content you know…

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Yes. Like I said, I will work on that.

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+0.25 your channel is growing very fast but I recommend waiting because much of your viral content isn’t really related to Minecraft.

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+1 Seems friendly and engaging as well as being active.

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Good candidate and a nice person, but I don’t see a lot of Munchy content on your channel.

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I’m gonna give a -.5 here, reasons why:

  • Yes, your videos went viral, but those videos aren’t munchy, or really minecraft related at all, besides 1 of them, which has no gameplay of minecraft.
  • When a video goes viral your subcribers/people who watched that video don’t subscribe for the minecraft, they subscribe for the memes you post.
  • The munchy media team is looking for people who can maintain their audience and have their audience part of the Munchy/Minecraft Community itself. The few viral videos seemed to slow down once it got to your last video.

I would suggest making more munchy content and growing a community that revolves around that!

Sorry if the grammar/wording is a bit bad here, I’m very tired

Good Luck,


Hiya CNVPlays!

Congrats! Your application has been accepted! Please message me on discord ( EeveeNoises#0014 ) :slight_smile: :tada: