Clans Season II


After a very very long wait, I am proud to announce that Clans Season II is coming very soon! This season will start August 2nd, 2019 and end September 6th, 2019!

How it works:

Clans will battle each other to compete for the #1 spot on the list. Leaderboards will be solely based on battles. A clan can challenge the clan above them to try and take their spot, and can also be challenged by the clan below them for their own spot. Initial leaderboard positions will be determined randomly before the season officially begins.

How to battle:

Battles can be officially challenged on the clans discord. The challenged clan has 3 days to respond and figure out a time and date for the battle or their spot will be fore-fitted.

How to join the leaderboards:

At this season’s inception, clans were invited to join in on the challenge of climbing the leaderboards for this season. As of now, a clan can request to be added to the leaderboards. For more information on how to include your clan in this season, message me on discord @Examiner#1293.

Rewards for winning:

If your clan wins this season, you can look forward to three players in your clan being given 1 MONTH ELITE!
The clan leader of the winning clan will decide who gets the elite! Leaders, you can choose yourself as one of the three! Must take part in at least two clan battles to be eligible.
And there’s more…
The winning clan also gets a free trophy next to all of their names! This symbol, :biohazard:, will last until the next clan season begins!



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Lets GO BOIS SEASON 2 IS HERE! Good luck everyone!


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I wonder who those handsome people fighting are?
Good luck all!

HaloVille gang will win lul.

Who’s that guy who got railed in that trailer? :thinking:

Will it be even people in the fights. For example if a clan has 1 person a 1 v 1 other clan chooses who will 1v1 to represent their team. Or will it be a 1 v rest of clan.

Its not 1vclan its gonna be like 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3

Battles will consist of a minimum of 3v3

1.14 pvp or no deal



:open_mouth: FatL