Chaelosm's Event Team Application

IGN and past IGN’s:
Current IGN : chaelosm
Past IGNS: foxholes, frogtism1

EST (Eastern Standard Time)

How often can you host events?
As often as I can get online. I haven’t been online for these past two weeks due to family problems, but since it now has been sorted out, I have much more time on my hands to be online on MunchyMC and host events for the players.
Here’s the average times I can be online throughout the week :

  • Monday-Friday (during the weekdays) : Around 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (9-hour potential per day)

  • Saturday-Sunday (during the weekend) : Around 9:00 Am to 9:00 PM (12-hour potential per day)

Please note : Times can fluctuate from either being less than potential time or even more, depending on what I have planned IRL for that day/time.

What sets you apart from other applicants?

  • I am applying solely to bring joy, fun, and happiness to the MunchyMC community, and not at all for the clout of having a rank.

  • I feel my activity and dedication towards the players are the main points that set me apart from other applicants. Even though I haven’t been all too active recently, is due to a somewhat serious problem with my family. As I have stated above, said problem has been sorted out and I am now able to be active again.

  • I am more involved in the community than most applicants : I hop on teamspeak and on discord throughout the day to talk to the community and meet new people, and have found some very friendly faces while doing so! (Gawkyy, errxr, finessedkid, sadneo, Clockyy, MythicalSheep, CANKRII, etc.)

  • I have a knowledge of most events and what they do.
    By winning events, players sometimes could win temporary prizes, like elite rank and in very rare cases, legend rank. Here’s some events that I have a broad knowledge about :
    – Sumo : Upon the event starting, two players are chosen at random to fistfight on a small circle until one of them is knocked off. This process keeps going on and on until one player is left, being declared the winner.
    – OITC : You start the event at the middle of the large arena, with 15 seconds of safe time to find a safe place/hiding spot. After the 15 seconds, pvp is enabled, and you fight to the death with a bow, stone sword, and one arrow… until there is one last player standing. The arrow kills the enemy player in one hit if you land it. Each kill gives you an arrow back in return.
    – Color Run : A more of a chaotic game manually hosted by event members or staff. There are usually one or two slayers, and an amount of players ranging from ten to fifty players. The players have to run to the certain color that the host says. The slayers then proceed to attempt to kill the players that aren’t on said color. This process keeps going on until there is one player remaining.
    – Simon Says : A manually hosted event with either the host or a player being the “simon”. You have to follow the simon’s commands and look closely at the messages to not get fooled and killed by the simon. This game ends when there is one player remaining.

EDIT : I do not feel like there is a need to jot down all events here, since it really isn’t proving anything. I say this because anyone could just look at the ever-updating list of events in the event sub-forum.

There are many more events, but listing them all would be unnecessary and just a filler. I placed in the events you see above as an indication of my general knowledge of events. If you would like all of the events I know about , please DM me on Discord @Universe#0001 .

  • I have knowledge of some of the commands an event member possesses, for example…

– /event kick (Kicks the player from the event world, disqualifying them from said event hosted.)
– /event ban (Bans the player from the event world, making them unable to join events.)
– /host (allows the event member host an event, by opening an GUI.)
– /toggle pvp (this command enables PVP in the event world.)
Please note, the commands might not be in the right spacing (for example, /event kick may be /eventkick or /toggle pvp may be /togglepvp), my apologies if the spacing is not correct, but I assume you would understand it either way.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member?
I feel as if I can bring a much brighter face to the MunchyMC community, being the generally nontoxic and friendly player that I am.

  • I will host events whenever I can for the players, either when they ask or just as a surprise.

  • I will, with my other members of the event team, maintain a positive and friendly environment for the players for the best game experience possible.

  • Even though this is not necessary for an event member, I will try my best to answer whichever questions the players have for either an event, or in general. It’s always good to do good on the server, and anywhere else.

I feel I can serve also as a role model for the players and the community as a whole, showing them the maturity and dedication it takes to be an event member on the server, and how to act as a whole. A player’s maturity and respect can go a long way, as you should treat members how you want to be treated.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

  • MythicalSheep letting me join a simon says event late after asking nicely, thank you by the way
  • finessedkid allowing me to become one of the slayers in color run (I might have said the wrong player, it may or may not have been finessedkid. I don’t know entirely for sure, but I’m mostly sure that it was him. My apologies if I have said the wrong player.)
  • MythicalSheep allowing me to be “simon” in the simon says event.

Anything else would you like to add?
There’s only one thing I wish to say :
I feel my maturity as a player has been lacking a bit recently, as people have dug deep into my skin just to get on my nerves. I have occasionally snapped back toxic remarks on the clan wars server, but that is it. I have been working on that specific detail about my maturity, and have been learning to grow past it. Other than that, I feel my maturity as above average than most applicants. Thank you for reading this post, and good luck to all other applicants!

EDIT 1 : Added a reason to why I did not write down all events above, due to me forgetting to do so.
EDIT 2 : I noticed that I have forgotten to answer the single most important question of this application, which is “Why do you wish to be an event member?”, so I quickly answered it.


Good application.
I have seen you be a little toxic in chat.


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Thank you for your feedback. I have been working on my toxicity recently, so thank you for pointing that out.

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Very good application, I haven’t ever seen you on so I’m not going to vote. Good luck!


good application!

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Thank you!

Good application, but I haven’t seen you on.

Good luck

– 262ms

Like @262ms said I haven’t seen you on either, but good application!

Thanks Qusax

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I think overall, you are a friendly person but I have seen the toxic side to you. I personally don’t think you are mature enough to become part of the event team. Good luck! (not voting)

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Hey, CANKRII. Thank you for replying to this. As I have stated in my application, I have noticed my immaturity and have actively been working on improving it.

Application denied. Unfortunately, we do not feel like you meet the activity requirements to become an event team member.

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