Can't login/Account not working :(

I don’t know what happened but I can’t login to my account anymore. I have reset my password and tried retyping it more than once but nothing is working, none of my accounts are. I waited 30min to 60min and I get the same results with all accounts. Is this a personal problem or is it something bigger? Please reply if you can help in anyway :slight_smile: .
Thanks, Inflatious

Are you talking about your MunchyMC account login?

Minecraft in general, I can’t access my minecraft account.


Maybe you should email the Mojang Support i would try that Inflatious.

If you’ve been swapping accounts really quick or lots of accounts within like 5 hours, Mojang can temp lock your IP from logging into any mojang accounts, just wait 24 hours then try again.

Ah that’s what it is then, thanks Ciaran.
Requesting Lock.